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Trump The Next Step

The next four months may be the most important months this nation has ever faced. Donald Trump must win this election and must make the transition from the Trump plane to Air Force One. I have covered the Trump phenomenon since December 2015 here on this blog site as well as having written the book “What One Man Can Do” which is about the importance of a Trump presidency and the Trump Phenomenon during the primary process. So now what happens? Trump the next step.

Trump The Next Step

In addition to being ready to answer specifics regarding Trump’s policies, as well as Trump University law suit and other issues that the Clinton camp will unleash on Donald, the Trump camp must move into high gear for the General Election and be most prepared for the increasing attacks both overt and covert. Now that Trump is in the GE, he will be infiltrated from many sources on many levels feeding him misinformation and dis-information which may result in Trump making statements and actions that could be detrimental. Trump needs continuous daily prayers for his protection and wisdom as “The Donald” is in danger.  You see the enemies of Trump that we have seen leading up to the GE (Soros funded groups, the media etc.) are the low level street rats unleashed upon him by the higher scum that hides behind the curtain. We can expect this to continue and to ramp up but we will also now be faced with a much more sinister level of attacks. Trump must have a team of intelligence people aboard right now as well as added protection of sorts for his safety.

What We Can Do

Donald Trump is the voice of the people. So what can we do? Don’t waste your time on the extreme liberal left. At this stage of the game this would prove to be a terrific waste of time. Rather focus on those who are undecided, the blacks, Hispanics, the rightfully upset disenfranchised Bernie Sanders supporters, the LGBTQ community, and women. We must spread the message to help gather more votes for Trump and to get out and vote for the consequences of a no Trump presidency are unfathomable. Pray, vote donate and promote. Stay the course your life depends on it.

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