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Twelve Links To Influence Others

Twelve Links To Influence Others

Having Difficulty Trying To Get Your Views Across To Others?

Look the bottom line here is you cannot change how other people think. You can guide them. I know that is a lot to take on, but if not us, then who? If not now, then when? “These things cannot be long hidden, the sun, the moon and the truth” – Buddha

Okay so have you ever run into this with your friends, family and people in general? Be it in person or on social media? Well here are some simple common sense for the common man links to help you with these issues of importance at this most critical point in our nations history. Have you come across these views before? Perhaps these links may help.

Twelve Links To Influence Others

Donald Trump Is Hitler

Clinton Is Good For America

I Support Conservative Traditional Republicans Only

New World Order Is Just A Conspiracy

You Are A Conspiracy Theorist

I Do Think For Myself

Global Governance Is Good

Globalization Will Help Mankind

Martial Law Will Never Happen In The US

The Federal Reserve Is A Government Agency

Stock Market And US Dollar Are Strong

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Share this blog post with all those you care about. We can make a difference. We must.

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