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Unite America We are Winning

The conclusion of the Mueller hearings was a massive victory for America and for President Trump. Mueller appeared as a feeble, fumbling old man with the beginning stages of Dementia or perhaps Alzheimers as he often aimlessly fumbled through the “Mueller Report”, looking for sources, unable to answer questions, and often unwilling. It is rather obvious he did not author this report. This witch hunt is over. These hearings delivered the final blow to the Russian Collusion Hoax.

In a real life insurance policy, you must make your regularly scheduled premium payments in order to sustain the death benefit or the policy will expire; blow up. Well same is the case in the Mueller Report as the deep states’ insurance policy has blown up. No collusion- no obstruction. End of story. Their attempt to use these hearings to set the case for impeachment has failed utterly. There will be no impeachment.

As Congressman Jim Jordan said, after nailing Mueller to the wall, the Congressman alerted the American people that Attorney General Barr and Prosecutor John Durham, are actively investigating the investigators. They are on the case. After all, Muller would not comment on the origins of this report, the real story. That being, Fusion GPS, Christopher Steele, George Papadopoulus, Joe Misfud and the British Privy Council for example. The media, the Democrats and the deep state are panicking, make no mistake about this. Sure, they thought they had us on the exoneration aspect of this report, slipped in their by the deep states, Clinton funded lawyers, but that too was brilliantly and factually de-bunked by Ohio Representative Michael Turner.

Unite America We are Winning

It’s a great time to be an American. It’s a time to unite in patriotism. We know about the Democrats, the deep state and the shadow government. We know about the RINOS and the plants within the Republican party. But we must also acknowledge the collective efforts of so many patriots. It is because of these patriots that we are wining. In the Muller case as well as the over all declassification, we should be grateful to Devin Nunez, Jim Jordon, John Ratcliffe, Matt, Gaetz, Doug Collins, as well as Lyndsey Graham, Tom Fitton, Rudy Giuliani, Jay Sekulow and many, many others. Trump, Q and the patriots are winning. Seems the table is being set. The stage is being set. We will begin to see perhaps as early as this Fall 2019, and most certainly later in 2020, arrests at fairly high levels. Mark my words. Oh yeah, lest I forget, Attorney General Barr has brought back capital punishment. This, along with Military Tribunals to be live streamed, should make for interesting times. Get the popcorn my friends. Several large buckets and enjoy the show! After all, the punishment for treason is death.


So the illegal treasonous coup’ d etat has failed but will the endless, baseless, subpoenas and attacks against this President, his family and supporters end? No they will not end. But they will lose. Witness desperate panicking. Expect more of the same from the Democrats, media and the deep state, the only difference is now that the de-class is under way, the narrative will begin to shift. Think of the value this will bring not only to the nation and to this world, but as narratives to fuel Trump’s campaign for Presidency.


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