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Unspecified Emergency?

Heads up as an unspecified emergency has been announced. What hasn’t been announced? I don’t typically respond to this type of data but based on the dot connecting facts below and the recent Q drop, I thought I would bring this to your attention.

This just in. White House says Pence’s return to DC was no cause for concern. No stated reason as of yet? No explanation cancelling this trip? According to one source, EU Security Commission, Russian and American Leaders Suddenly Pulled into Urgent Meetings as Russian sailors killed after fire breaks out on nuclear submarine.  I received the following text that has not been sourced as of yet, that being that Flotus has been rumored to be flown away from Washington.


Order of events. Trump tweaks martial law code March 2018. Trump conducts FCC emergency test to our cell phones 2018. March 2019 Mueller report – no collusion, no obstruction. Trump launches WH.GOV/TECH BIAS site. Drop down field alludes to in the event we cant communicate. April 2019 Trump declares emergency in event of communications grid getting hit. Hannity, who among the “mainstreamers” is well connected. He happens not to be on his show tonight – the night of the de-class release announcement from the WH. FOX NEWS goes black 14 minutes into broadcast as Dan Bongino sits in for Hannity, show is off the air with black screen, not just my TV, but many others as confirmed by my on line queries and surveys I have personally taken throughout the state of Florida while on my speaking tour. Last week Q posted this, “BE READY”. July 4th Q and other intel circles speak about a potential big announcement and behind the scenes turn of events during and after the July 4th celebration.


Remember this. The storm is upon us. The deep state and it’s left wing democrat and government media complex operatives are panicking. As I have stated all along, we are winning as the de-class is now at their door step. There will be events; false flags. Surprises of all sorts. Stay informed. Stay connected and be prepared. This is the fight for our survival as a nation. We are winning but there is a long way to go. Stay the course, Trust the plan and remember, freedom is up to us.


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