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Very Important Gauges

These are very important gauges. The health of the economy and survival of this nation. Let’s look at these stats.

Debt Gauge

The first one is a gauge and a live ticker counter measuring the Federal debt of the United Stats. Presently you can see that the Federal debt in the U.S. has just breached the $19 trillion level. With the recent budget approval by the U.S. congress this number will escalate soon to $22 trillion. The U.S. Federal debt grows by approximately $1 million dollars every thirty seconds. This is just the Federal debt. Let’s review some of the other financial obligations in America.

The unfunded liabilities total nearly $125 trillion. Social Security unfunded liability is over $15 trillion. Medicare unfunded liability is nearly $80 trillion. Prescription drug unfunded liability is nearly $20 trillion. National Healthcare unfunded liability approaching $10 trillion. This equates to a total US unfunded liabilities per household of nearly $1 million (per household) and a total US unfunded liabilities per person is nearly $400,000 (per person). None of these statistics above include the corporate, municipal debt  or the debt held by individual citizens in America. Never mind the real unemployment rate at great depression levels.Then when you add on the derivative debt exposure (estimated in the quadrillions), you get to see the writing on the wall, America will fall.

Delegate Gauge

Now the other important gauge is this one, the 2016 delegate tracker. Here you will find both the Republican and Democrat delegate stats in real time. You can see as of today March 19, 2015 that Hillary will be the nominee for the Democrats and it looks like Donald Trump is well on his way to be the nominee (or at least having earned it) through the delegate count and majority of votes for the Republicans.  Let’s see how this one plays out with all the orchestrated attacks from the globalists to crush Trump. See this link for important links of blogs on Donald Trump as well as this link. Get out and vote and when you do…choose wisely America! Forget politics and parties. Vote for posterity. Freedom, it’s up to us!

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