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We Are At War! A Clarion Wake Up Call

We Are At War! A Clarion Wake Up Call

We are war. Make no mistake about this. This far transcends politics. It is a battle. A battle for the survival of our Constitutional Republic and our very way of life. We are fighting the enemy within, the Deep State, the Democrats and RINOS along with a controlled complicit government media complex, the fake news. The enemies are global. Truth be told, this battle affects all of humanity.

This is a clarion call for patriots in action! This post will also provide very specific things that we can and must be doing if we are to support this miracle President and if we are to continue to survive as a free nation. We MUST resurrect America or we shall lose it forever. The blind, the blissfully ignorant, and the apathetic, even many Republicans, go about business today as though it were business as usual. It is not business as usual, I can assure you of this. These next 14 months are beyond critical. Please keep reading. I have some very specific points to talk with you about in this somewhat lengthy blog post. But first this…

I have written over 400 articles on this website as well as several books. I have delivered hundreds of speeches in eight states and three countries to date, as well as dozens of video discussions, along with many media appearances. There is a reason that the subtitle of my book, “Trump and the Resurrection of America” is sub-titled as, “Leading America’s Second Revolution”. Why? Because we have been at war and the war is escalating as i have forecast.

With the first printing of the book, it was nominated for the 24th Annual Colorado Independent Publishers Association EVVY Awards. The CIPA EVVYs is one of the longest-running book award competitions on the Indie publishing scene, running for nearly 25 years. The CIPA EVVYs receive entries from all over the world, including England, Belgium, South Africa, Russia and Dubai. With a growing number of entries in the nearly 50 categories, the CIPA EVVYs continue to provide an excellent way for independent authors to gain recognition for their work.

Trump and the Resurrection of America Book

My book has gone to re-print now with a publisher this time supporting and promoting me and my work. I have added about 40+ pages of content. With the new release, published by Defiance Press, you can pre-order the book today by going to Amazon or clicking this link. See what others are saying who have read the first edition. The book will be released in book stores and on line platforms across America on October 15, 2019. My next book is set to be released in July of 2020.  Now let’s get down to business. I am available for media interviews and public speeches.

We Are At War

Our Constitutional Republic, our God given rights and civil liberties, are under attack, and have been for decades. Had the lady in the pant suit gotten elected, it would have been lights out. Let us not squander this miraculous opportunity that we have with President Donald J. Trump to resurrect God’s America. No Trump-no hope. Sorry, that’s how I see it. This is it my friends, this is for all the marbles. At the time of this writing, another in a series of fraudulent, crime infested, illegal treasonous coup d etat attempts, are yet again under way. This time with the Ukraine hoax as an attempt towards impeachment. It may or may not get the votes in the house, if it does, its DOA in the Senate. This will back fire on them, Watch this.

I am going to invest my time and resurface pertinent posts under the heading of Related Links at the end of this article, with the hope that you take the time to read them and share them. I wish that I and others had been wrong. It turns out I and others have indeed been right with highly accurate analysis and forecast the majority of the time. Often times scrutinized by some. So be it.

I urge you to heed the call. I urge you to get uncomfortable. I urge you to become a critical thinker and seek truth. In Venezuela today, they are starving for food. In America we are starving for truth. Well, its right before you. Not conspiracy theory, rather conspiracy fact. Wake up. My God, wake up! You had better grow a pair as they say and seek truth, speak truth, share truth. Even if your family, friends, peers or fellow members in your Republican and patriot focused clubs beg to differ. They will be on the wrong side of history. Get them to wake up before its too late.

Many of us have become a part of what I call the robotic hypnotic flock. Ignorant followers, so to speak. Now, being a follower is a good thing as most of us are not leaders, yet we rely on leadership. When being a follower, be a wise and discerning one and not an ignorant one. Be aware of who or what ideology you are following. Get with the program.

We are indeed living in the age of an increasing number of smarter phones and an increasing number of dumbed down people. Isaac Asimov once said, “The saddest aspect of life right now is that science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom.” By and large, his quote is so true today. A raised understanding is needed as to the realization that a major paradigm shift is under way and that we have been living in a web of deceitful lies designed to entrap us and move us away from truth, and from the spirit as we march on blindly like useless idiots down the road to serfdom. The opposite of love is not hate, it is fear. So, choose love. As you obtain more and more truths, then take the correct steps in implementing change, the fear subsides.

Patriots in Action To Save America

Left Wing Lunatics – Forget about them. Ignore them. Waste of time. Yuck! You will get nowhere with them. At this stage of the battle they are to be ignored. Don’t waste you effort nor energy on them. They will be dealt with accordingly as the crisis ramps up by law enforcement. They will be dealt with later. And even after that, they shall be dealt with on judgement day.

Democrats – Many, not all, will be voting for Trump. Albeit in the closet, but that matters not. Why? Because they too do not support killing new born babies, infanticide. They too do not support a 90% tax rate to fund the impossible to fund socialist platform which has never succeeded in history. They too, like to hold onto, save, and invest their money to provide safety and a better opportunity for their children and grandchildren.

Jewish Community – Some of the same criteria applies to this demographic as a part of the Democrat voting base as indicated above. Historically, Jews have been predominantly Democrats. This needs to change. Even the President scorned them in light of the Anti Semite Muslim and others in Congress who lashed out against Israel. Help our President to wake these folks up, yes our Jewish friends need a serious wake up call.

Voting Democrat in 2020 is a vote for the destruction of America. Do they want to keep and invest their hard earned money? Do the business owners in the Jewish community of which there are many, prefer Trump’s successful economic policies or do they want government to take up to 90% of it away? Do they not realize that this President has done so much for Israel that the deep state globalist controlled presidential puppets for decades would not and did not do? Get a really good voter guide put together or get with a person or group that has one. I’ll be writing a very detailed one and posting it very soon. Put a campaign together and get one in the hands of all the Jewish people you can, showing the comparisons of the key issues between Trump and the Democrat platform. This, you can do. Do it now.

Black Community – Surveys indicate that Trump had but 18% support from the black community in 2016. Today, polls indicate 39% and rising. Why? Because they are waking up and thanks in no small part to Candice Owens, Diamond and Silk, Kayne West and many others. And thanks to the individuals themselves for realizing they have been hood winked, used and controlled by the Democrat party since at least the LBJ period in history. Thank you too, Dinesh D’Souza. Perhaps partner up with a Trump supporting, God fearing brave black American patriot and get out there with him or her into the black churches and communities to help them too, see the light and to support this President. Follow the brave and patriot work of a recovering Democrat, a black man from California now in Texas, my good friend and citizen journalist, Will Johnson.

Deep StateWe Are At War! A Clarion Wake Up Call: climate Change: Deep State

Christians – Tom Trento and Trevor Louden each gave an excellent presentation at the America the Truth Conference on September 21, 2019. I will be posting these videos as soon as they are released.

Bottom line, the Christian community has not stepped up to the plate. We need more, plain and simple. If they do not, we may struggle to win this election and thus lose our country. Wake up your pastors. If they are liberals or controlled assets of the Deep State call them out with ferocity and move on. As to the good pastors, we need our black robbed regimen today in a very big way, patriot pastors.

We can also simply form clubs, groups, meetings and get information to your fellow Christian friends, family and neighbors. Show them the voter guide comparing Trump to the Democrat platform. Get creative. Get skin in the game. Get them, registered. Get them to vote and have them do the same. And for the Christians who all too often say, something like, “well it’s end times as written in the Bible so I will sit by idly and watch it all come down since I know where I’m going when I die” sort of nonsense, wake them up! God gave us free will. Use it for the good of us all. To try to extend the life of the country he gave us at the sacrifice of so many men and women. Together, we are doing God’s work. This is a battle between good and evil. You are an accomplice should you sit by and do nothing.

Republicans – Expose the RINOS and non Trump supporters. Identify them and know them well. Then spread the word and get politically active and vote them the hell out. BUT, we must have strict hard vetting before we prop up another RINO to destroy this country. And as to what is commonly known as the “Country Club Republicans,” wake up! Stop shunning other views. Just because you have not heard it before does not mean it is not true, it just means you have not heard it yet and just because I or someone else says it is true, does not mean it is true. Research. Do your own due diligence. Go down enough rabbit holes and you will more than likely find yourself agreeing with those you have shunned. I cant stress this enough. Get un-registered Republicans off the couch and help them register and see that they vote.

We must unite now, not uniting with others simply because their message is not popular as to the standard and traditions of the Republican party. Yes, I too am a registered Republican, but I think for myself. Break away from the norm. After all isnt that what Trump did and does?

My allegiance is to the truth, to Trump, to America, and to God. Why? It’s the “norms” that got us here in the first place. We cannot withstand any fighting within. All I can say here is seek truth, speak truth and move on to another club or group if your group does not align with your views or if you cannot seem to make any progress within. Having said that, there are so many amazing Republican groups of which I have spoken before, that are in fact doing great work, we all thank you so much. I have, however, made my point. Support Trump. Wake up to the REAL issues at hand, then ramp up your efforts.

Summary – As to Millennial’s and all others, I can say this. As the de-class gets underway beginning right now and throughout the next 14 months, they will see more and more. Perhaps some will come our way. Again, a voter guide pamphlet showing the comparison between Trump and the destructive Democrats may help. Get on social media. Yeah I get it, I hate FB and Twitter too. But the President uses it for a reason, and so should you. Get on there and share truth, expose the lies and the evil. Join a Trump Club, a Republican Club, Tea Party, 912 group or other Trump supporting patriot groups they will give you things to do. Get busy living or get busy dying. The hour is at hand.

Great Awakening

“The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails” – Arthur Ward. It’s time to adjust the sails.

There are four stages of denial that we find ourselves in that keep us from making any meaningful preparations for a disaster:

1) It won’t happen

2) If it does happen, it won’t happen to me

3) If it does happen to me, it won’t be that bad.

4) If it happens to me and it is that bad, there’s nothing I can do to stop it anyway.

“There is a vast spiritual awakening in progress in our world. Quietly and soulfully many are returning to the truth of who they are seeing the futility of the world’s troubles today. If you surrender to this call from within, it may lead to a deep questioning of “the way we do things”. There will surely be moments of loneliness, where you feel that you no longer belong, as the world tries to pull you back into its worn out paradigms; but if you stay in peace and follow the call, your soul will begin to see the truth in a deeper way; the remembrance of perfection, your own and that of others. This truth is the only freedom there really is and its power is beyond anything the world can offer. It is your power. It can move mountains. It can heal you. It can heal the world”.  –  Get with the program. WWG1WGA (Where we go one, we go all).


One form of the Hegelian Dialectic of which almost all major events in history are the result of can be simply described as; “Problem” – create and unleash a crisis (or take advantage of one already happening) in order to get the desired “Reaction” of public outcry whereby the public demands a “Solution” which as been predetermined from the beginning, thus Problem-Reaction-Solution. Once you get this, all things begin to fall into place. We must come to understand the Hegelian Dialectic and once you do, you will see many of the events unfolding in a very different light and then there is no turning back. You are then well on your way to either caving in and succumbing or gaining strength and confidence and seeking ways to spread the word and improve conditions. Watch this brief excellent explanation of this and how it is used against us almost daily.

John Michael Chambers, The villages republican club

Divide and Conquer

Most information disseminated by the media machine and all its accomplices such as Hollywood for example, is nothing more than predictive programming and is false and misleading. This leads of course to division among the people, which plays right into their hands, divide and conquer. With the divide and conquer strategy we have the man behind the curtain winning as he gets his perceived opponents to fight among themselves. This is a way of keeping those in a position of power in power by making the people disagree with each other so that they are unable to join together and remove those from their position of power. The people simply regurgitate the spoon-fed talking points from the news like a well-programmed robot. And since they run the media machine, the education system and much more, you can see how powerful and how effective they are. Thus, a divisive world in chaos and crisis.

We must avoid falling for the Hegelian Dialectic and become skillful at recognizing when it is employed. This becomes as easy as breathing once you really see it and get it. Anytime a major problem or issue arises in society think about who will gain or profit from it. Turn off the mainstream news or at least completely disregard what the machine is saying so that you can remove yourself from the situation and take a step back to look at it from a third party perspective. See the so-called “problem”, look at who is reacting, why and in what way. Then look for who is offering up the solution. I listed some examples of this in another blog titled “Was this a False Flag Op” as well as “False Flags a Conspiracy Theorists Fantasy”.


Winning? Yes we are indeed winning this battle. I strongly encourage you to sign up for my free weekly alerts and follow my articles, media interviews and speeches. Subscribe to the JMC Report. We can support each other. Pick up a copy of my book, “Trump and the Resurrection of America”.

The deep state, the Democrats and the fake news are panicking. They have nothing on Trump and they, once being the hunters, have actually now become the hunted. I have written extensively about this week after week here on this site. Follow my work. Follow some of the sources I have provided. Request a copy of the Free e-book “How to Detect Truth from Lies in the Age of Fake News” which includes dozens of alternative sites and sources for information, including QANON.


Oh yes, we are at war. It’s a nasty, dirty, dangerous intelligence battle. A war that must be won or we shall lose it all forever. I hope this article and the links within are helpful if not for you, then at least for you to pass it along to others who may have not yet arrived.

We Are At War! A Clarion Wake Up Call

TAKE NOTE: Attention group leaders and organizers of conferences and conventions. I am available to speak anywhere in the country and an honorarium can be discussed. Your support and contributions to me and my work is greatly appreciated. You can reach out to me here and learn more about my speaking engagements. My talks have been VERY well received. See what others are saying. I have heard the word. I have answered the call. In fact, I was semi retired living in Asia and came back to lend a hand and to do my part. Help me help us. Let’s help each other. It’s all or none. WWG1WGA. I am doing my part. Your help is appreciated. Pray for our President and his family. Remember, three things cannot long be hidden. The sun, the moon and the truth.

Welcome to Trump and the age of transparency. It’s going to get ugly. Yes much uglier than what you see today. But know this. We are winning. Surround yourself with people of like mind who understand the times in which we live and expand those circles. Stay the course. Trust the plan. There is one. And we are winning. And remember, freedom, it’ up to U.S.

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We Are At War! A Clarion Wake Up Call


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