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We Are Ready

We Are Ready : Renegade

We Are Ready

President Trump and team, while under extraordinary attack even since before his election of 2016, has been exposing and dismantling the deep state. We are ready. Indictments and arrests are coming. Q is on fire posting daily right now and at least to me, these posts are VERY encouraging and assure me we are right on and over the target. Oh, what is Q you may ask? Q is the greatest military intelligence operation of our time and President Trump. The fact that CNN and the fake news apparatus tells you that Q is a far right wing conspiracy theory tin foil hat thing, you know a hoax, and not  to follow Q tells you what? Tells you that you should be looking at Q. I mean, after all they are the same chaps that told you that Trump was a Russian spy! Follow Q. Links have been provided below. By the way, the chosen image for this article was taken from a Q post dated April 17, 2020. Please do keep reading and share this article everywhere for this is the news behind the news. I am doing what I can to help us to connect the dots and to make sense of the madness.  Things are about to get very, very real.

Now Q has told us way back when, that the first indictment will send shock waves throughout the world. Would Comey, Strzok, Brennan, McCabe etc, (you know the low lying fruit) send shock-waves throughout the world? Perhaps. I do know with certainty that Barack Hussein Obama, (Barry Soetoro) would as would Hillary Clinton. Time will tell and that time is coming much sooner, now, rather than later.

Last week AG Barr appeared on the Laura Ingraham show and pretty much informed America that he is not only watching over the encroachment of our rights and civil liberties by certain Governors, but he reminded us that indictments are coming. Q posted last week a post titled “Countdown to Treason Trials?” The image you see below was part of the tweet and that image was a re-tweet from the President himself I believe back in 2019. Follow your President on Twitter. He is talking to us through this platform in addition to the Q platform

Trump Russia Tweet : We Are Ready!

On April 13, Q posted the image you see below with “John Durham Is The Punisher?” as its post title. Meanwhile our good friend Sean Hannity is doing all he can to let us know he is with us. Sean has been wearing the punisher pin on his daily show since the Q post came out. And no it is not photo shopped, just watch Hannity tonight and you can see for yourself. On April 16, Q posted this, “Obama Trained and Supported ISIS- Trump Destroyed ISIS”. The post went on to simply say the following. Who trained/supplied ISIS? What if [HRC] won? Who destroyed ISIS? Knowledge is power. Q. And on April 17, Q posted the punisher image again with the headline. “We Are Ready”, which is the title of my article here today. There are many more most recent Q posts that I encourage you to have a look at. Links have been provided below for you.


This brings us to former US Attorney, Joe Digenova. Watch this interview as it relates to AG Barr, John Durham and the indictments and arrests that are forthcoming, (clip 1:04-2:20). And a big shout out and thank you on behalf of the American people to Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch for your relentless and tireless efforts.  A Federal Judge has now ordered Hillary Clinton to answer under oath, questions about the 33,000 e-mails. Remember President Trump told us at the rally in Orlando in October of 2019, that he believes we have all if not most all, of the Hillary Clinton bleached and bashed e-mails over in the state department.

On Wednesday, watchdog group Judicial Watch announced that Google had been served with a subpoena seeking all Clinton emails from January 21, 2009 until February 1, 2013 from her time at the Obama State Department where she served as Secretary of State. Things are about to get very interesting. Everything, and I mean everything is about to change. The best is yet to come. Meanwhile President Trump yesterday reminded us of the extraordinary powers he has and will bypass Congress if need be to get additional judges appointed as well as telling the fake news MSM reporters that he has left the authority and decisions to the Governors but will intervene if he sees fit. Wow, an alpha male decisive leader. How refreshing.

We are systematically witnessing the destruction and overthrow of the old guard and that is why the Covi-19 false flag Plandemic was released. This is the acceleration of the UN’s Agenda 21 and the UN’s Agenda 2030 Part I and Part II. We are fighting for our freedom and literally fighting for our lives. We will win Victory is ours. But again, as disruptive as this has been on a global basis, this too, like all other failed attempts, has failed. This is dark to light. The best is yet to come. Watch this newly released documentary to help get you up to speed.

Out of the Shadows

Covid-19 Plandemic Recap

Let’s recap the last several weeks since this Plandemic began. We called it from day one. A false flag Plandemic, people control, population control, collapse President Trump’s economy. forced testing, forced vaccinations. Derail then steal an election. Funny thing is, it has all back-fired as we stated it would. Back in January on News Behind the News we called it stating this originated in the labs of Wuhan along with the impact of 5G on those with the virus, with Investigative Journalist James Grundvig. Seems FOX NEWS and the MSM are about two to three months behind the real story. I get it, here’s my views of Fox news. They, void of facts, the fearmongering WHO and Fake News Media, forecast one to two million deaths and a long term lock down. We stated the US deaths would be far, far, less than that. We may hit 60,000 or so and that is 60,000 too many. We stated the lock-downs would be lifted and the economy would slowly open as it should. We were right. Whose in control? Trump is in control.

With Dr. Sherri Tenpenny on News Behind the News and on the Nemos News Network, the falsification of numbers for those inflicted with the Covid-19 and even those dead are in fact skewed. How outrageous!  We also stated that the original tests were rigged and flawed, testing many false positives. We talked about the rush to vaccines and that this could be treated with other remedies, like Hydroxychloroquine and, Zinc, Sodium Ascorbate etc. We shall soon see a fast track to wide spread use of Hydroxychloroquine. Prevention. Treatment and cures. Cures, not customers.

Over these months, we talked about how the economy would be extremely volatile but that President Trump would respond step by step to not only get us back on track but ushering in a again, step by step, the Global Fianacial Reset.

Never Let A Crisis Go To Waste

That statement works both ways. So, what have we gained from this crisis? Further awareness that the MSM is on the deep state’s payroll and cannot be trusted. Many more people are waking up to this now. I wrote about this and I strongly encourage you to read it. During this Plandemic fake crisis, the Federal Reserve has been nationalized. Money is soon coming to the small business owners, to the people and to the essential industries such as the airlines and others. We have come to learn that Fauci and Birx are globalist deep staters. You must watch the interviews linked up below. Never let a crisis go to waste? The WHO is now exposed and is being de-funded. Heads are about to roll. Meanwhile crazy nervous Nancy Pelosi is further destroying her party’s reputation with the delays of funds coming to people along with the pork she stuffed in the HR748 CARE ACT and the delaying of the judges to be approved for appointment.

The President via exercising his Constitutional rights, has seized enormous powers via the National State of Emergency, the Stafford Act, the Defense Production Authorization Act and other wartime powers have been afforded to the President. From this event, the people are getting just a small taste of what the UN’s Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 is all about and just what a new world order looks and feels like, being under the boots of a tyrannical police state. And guess what? The people don’t like it. They want to get back to work. They want to move freely and they want their country back.

We have learned that it is crucial to manufacture here at home, learning that enemies like China could threaten our very survival since they are manufacturing much of the goods we need to survive here at home. We saw not only Bill Gates step down but dozens of others CEO’s and BOD members. I covered and provided this list in previous articles and on my daily news show, News Behind The News. And now, for the first time ever, all 50 sates have been declared a state of emergency. President Trumps has given power to the Governors to govern their respective states  and through this, a handful of Governors have begun to hang themselves with the rope that Trump has given them, while most are coming aboard. China is now further exposed and is being sued for the colossal disaster they have created all across the globe. Meanwhile,  President Trump is working with Saudi Arabia and Russia with regards to OPEC and oil. Yes, the Global Financial Reset is happening.

The subject of mail-in ballots, has re-surfaced the discussion of VOTER ID and counting paper ballots back into the dialogue. And now the De-class, IG1 and IGII FISA, is gaining momentum. Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch,  is cornering Hillary with the help of subpoenas from Federal Judges to testify now under oath. Yes, the deep state is running out of time. This is what winning looks like, even in spite of such an evil act deployed upon the people of this world. Are we out of the woods yet? Believe it or not, no. Why? Because I believe they will continue to go after President Trump and we the people and may even ramp up yet another major false flag against the people, nano particles, Covid-19 and 5G?  But their time is short and soon their time will be up. John Durham’s indictments are going to be served. Arrests are coming. In my opinion, based on all we reported here, this may begin as late as the Fall of 2020. The deep state is being exposed and will soon, and over time, be brought down. After all, it’s either us or them. God is always good and God always wins. And we are on God’s side. Pray for our President and his family. Pray for humanity.

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Clarion Call

This battle will rage on for the rest of our lives. Pray for our President and his family. No Trump-no hope. What we do right here, right now is for posterity. So when your children and grandchildren ask you “What were you doing when the global governance was being thrust down the throat of America and the world, what will your answer be? Freedom, it’s up to U.S.

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