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We Will Hold Those Accountable The Hunt Is On

We Will Hold Those Accountable The Hunt Is On

AG Bill Barr while being interviewed by Brett Baier of FOX NEWS stated that he gets the frustration of the American people when they say why haven’t people been prosecuted for their crimes and arrested. He said “the wheels of justice grind slowly”. Barr went on to say that “we will hold those accountable”.

We Will Hold Those Accountable The Hunt Is On

Before we get into the highlights of the treasure trove of solid insights as to the Durham investigation and the soon to be take down of the deep state, it is noteworthy to mention that AG Barr is conducting an active investigation on ANTIFA and others to get to the source of funding and leadership. But with regards to the Durham investigation, AG Barr stated that “this isn’t being driven by producing a report, we are trying to get to a point where we can hold accountable anyone who crossed the line and committed a criminal violation”. AG Barr also indicated there will be public disclosure at the appropriate time. Bill Barr said they seemed to ignore all of the exculpatory evidence during the Russia investigation. Barr stated they moved forward with the investigation even after discovering that there was nothing there. When asked by Baier if we would recognize some of the names, Barr replied by saying, yes, some of them. Barr also indicated that he is very troubled by what has been brought to his attention. When Baier asked about any pending charges AG Barr responded by saying “I cannot discuss any future charges”. So, yes we will hold those accountable as the hunt is on.

We Will Hold Those Accountable The Hunt Is On


Here’s what you may be missing as Covid, Floyd, CHAZ, and the disbanding of police are the FF dujor’s clogging up the real news cycle. Things are speeding up now. False flag events are being spotted for what they are by an increasing number of people and at a rapid rate, meaning not much time lapses before the people see it for what it is.

The deep state is panicking and exposed. Tucker Carlson for one, has already called the Covid -19 just that, a FF although you wont hear the term “False Flag” on the news as these are no go words. Meanwhile, DNI Ratcliff is continuing to declassify the intel and Lindsey Graham has begun hearings in the Senate Judiciary Committee with Rod Rosenstein as the first one in the hot seat.

The Senate Judiciary just gave Lindsey Graham sweeping subpoena powers in review of Russia probe. Why it matters: Graham now has sweeping authority to subpoena documents and more than 50 individuals related to the Russia investigation, including former FBI director James Comey, former CIA director John Brennan and former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper. The Epstein case is still very much alive as we saw yet another attempt at questioning Prince Andrew with regards to the Epstein matter. And Flynn? Flynn (and Stone for that matter), will be free and the Flynn case alone, will bring down the house.

So yes, we will hold those accountable as the hunt is now on. The deep state has been trapped and now real hearings in the Senate have begin under oath as opposed to the treasonous failed coup attempts of the past in the DOJ, FBI, CI and in various House hearings. It is my opinion, that there is a chance we may see indictments, charges and arrest late summer or fall of 2020 by John Durham and for certain after Trump’s landslide victory in November. Friends and fellow patriots, it’s happening. It’s happening. Stay safe. False flags will escalate. Don’t buy the lies. Refuse to be fearful.

We are winning. Nothing can stop what’s coming, nothing. The best is yet to come. Stay the course, trust the plan, Freedom, it’s up to us. WWG1WGA.

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