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What Lies Ahead

I thought I would weigh in on what lies ahead here in 2019. Although no one knows for sure but God and perhaps President Trump, I think there is a high probability that 2019 will be an historical year on many fronts as President Trump leads America’s second revolution restoring power to the people.

Top Four Events

If you are following the many sources I have referenced throughout the articles I have written here on this bog site, you too may come to the very same conclusions that I have. 2019 will be an eventful, historic and volatile year to say the least, which may include these top four events.

* National State of Emergency: (the wall will be built and Mexico is paying for it) Read more.

* Global Financial Reset: Stock market meltdown, US dollar revaluation and the initial steps of taking over the Federal Reserve (already has begun). Request a special report via contact us I. will e-mail it to you.

* Military Tribunals: (this too has already begun). The public at large will come to learn of this along with indictments, grand juries, hearings and trials against the deep state and its operatives, nationally and globally. See “Scale of Discovery“.

* Martial Law: The probability of martial law is becoming increasingly more real to me. With the onslaught of subpoenas, hearings, law suits, impeachment proceedings, and other various baseless attacks against the President and his allies and supporters, we cannot expect the Democrats and the deep state and its operatives to simply do nothing. Be prepared for false flag events of potential magnitude. Martial Law, (revised in Executive Orders by the President), may be the only way to seize control from the clutches of the deep state cabal.


Doom and gloom? Nah, not at all. We are resurrecting America and redirecting humanity. It took a long time to get into this mess. It will take some years and sacrifice to get out of it. The great awakening has begun. It will be dangerous and these times will try men’s souls. So what to do?

For those of us of faith? Seek wisdom, comfort and protection and pray for the President and for this country. Surround yourself with like-minded individuals who understand the times in which we live and expand these circles. Spread the truth. Expose the lies. Become politically active by joining and supporting various groups in this movement towards restoring freedom. Have a plan B in place to protect you and your loved ones, to not only survive, but thrive. Request the Global Financial Reset Special Report. Stay the course. Support this President.

Freedom…it’s up to us!

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