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What One Man Can Do

What One Man Can Do

What One Man Can Do

Never underestimate what one man can do.The affect that Donald Trump is having can never really be fully and quantitatively measured. Why? Because it is impossible to measure the unlimited potential and power of waking up (the suppressed) human spirit. And in this case waking up the human spirit within hundreds of millions of people, (if not more) and not only in America but throughout the world. Never underestimate what one man can do.

The message, ideals and platform of Donald J. Trump is in direct conflict of the ruling power elites long sought after goal of complete global dominance via sovereign-less nations into a one world government, one world military, one world justice system and one word currency and the controlling and enslaving of mankind. Some consider Trump’s efforts a “peaceful counter revolution” or an “overthrow of the new order” when actually all that is taking place is a man who is trying to restore the Constitutional Republic and re-build a once great nation in this new and dangerous world. Never underestimate what one man can do. However, Donald is in danger.

These are perilous and dangerous times make no mistake about it. Donald Trump is such a threat to the globalist ruling elite that both the Republican and Democrat parties, (the “Demicans amd “Republicrats coined by Michael Savage) and the media, and global leaders that stand to lose in a Trump administration are going berserk. The pendulum does indeed swing both ways my friends. What is very concerning though is that there are many ways they can prevent this election from happening one such method mentioned here.

The stakes are high, very high, we must unite. Wake up your fellow man. Share this post everywhere. Surround yourself with like minded people who do truly understand the times in which we live and strengthen and grow those circles. Stay strong people. Let the light of God be on our side.

Order your copy of the new Donald Trump book. This book will challenge even teh most awakened reader and is a great resource tool to help convert Sanders and Cruz supporters. Read more here.

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