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What’s Next?

What’s next? More winning that’s what’s next! But first these important acknowledgements and then closing forecasts.

Let’s Begin by Digressing

Yes, I wrote about Jeffrey Epstein, child sex trafficking, pedophilia and demonic, satanic groups a long time before it surfaced. I have also spoken about Trump’s complete innocence in the Mueller witch hunt. I have talked about false flags and naming the events that were and are false flags. I also wrote and exposed in part, the deep state and shadow government of this world for a very long time, naming names and organizations in my work along the way. In a book I wrote in 2014-2015, before the famous escalator event, I forecasted that the most unlikely person in our hour of need would arrive and provide the leadership that America and the world so desperately needed.

I have written about Trump gaining global support and how N. Korea, Iran, and other countries are in fact deep state ops of which Trump is now addressing and dismantling. I wrote about how we will convene hearings, probes, trials, investigations and issue subpoenas against the enemies within and turn the tables upside down on them a long time ago when the witch hunt against Trump began, in an article titled “Scale of Discovery and Action”, which included comments on military tribunals long before the tribunals began. You can search for on this website. I can go on and on but I won’t. I could take the entire day and link up my previous work and sourced links, but I won’t. Get some skin in the game and check it all out for yourself. I do, however, want to get to what’s next. So, let me wrap up this and then conclude with “whats next”.

I have been at this now for over two decades. Turns out that many of the conspiracy theories of yesterday have turned out to be the conspiracy facts and realities of today. Believe it or not, many people across this world actually believed that President Trump colluded with Russia regarding election interference. Can you imagine that? What a joke. Believe it or not, at one time, many Americans actually believed that the Federal Reserve was part of the Federal Government and that the news was fair, balanced, and honest. Many people thought that chemtrails and weather modification was lunatic lingo. How wrong they all have been. And believe it or not, many people today still think that Q is a conspiracy theorist dream, a fools game. They will find out soon. Meanwhile many, many are coming aboard all over the globe in increasing numbers. In this great awakening, as truths are revealed, we can all be right. So where are things heading? What’s next?

What’s Next?

The democrats, the fake news, and the deep state. will continue to divert the narrative with baseless subpoenas and law suits against President Trump and others supportive of the president. These are diversionary distractions to clog up the news cycle. Nothing will come of this and that includes no impeachment. They are cornered and imploding. The deep state and its operatives are in full scale panic mode. Expect this modus- operandi to continue. Suicides and “suicided”, as I wrote about many months ago, are now occurring and will escalate over time. More and more false flags of all kinds will continue. Expect more of this. So what else is next?

The de-class will gain momentum. The sealed indictments will continue to be unsealed, i.e. Jeffrey Epstein. There will be subpoenas, indictments, jail time, GITMO lock ups, military tribunals, and more. And yes, The Clinton’s and Obama’s, will be held accountable, or will no longer cease to exist. I’ll elaborate on that at another time. Mark my words, they are all going down. As for the Bush’s? They are relatively neutralized as Trump and team has, for all intents and purposes, won the Bush battle. That dynasty and its influence, for the most part, are now in the dustbin of history. I will provide deep details in my next book due out in April 2020.

So what else is next? More winning! The wall will be completed. Immigration policies will be enforced and new ones written. Illegals will be deported and addressed here in the US. We will keep our guns. After 2020, we win the battle over censorship and the tech giants are put in their place through Trump led legislation. And some time into the second term, President Trump will take on healthcare which includes not only the insurance aspect, but issues such as 5G, vaccines and the enormous power of Big Pharma with it’s “customers versus cures” and outrageous pricing. I know that the President’s actions or seemingly lack of, in some of what I just mentioned, has not been exactly what we wanted to hear. I get it. Sit tight. This is an intelligence battle being waged. Optics. Strategy. Timing. Stay with Trump. He has not let us down. No Trump, no hope.

So what’s next? Trump wins in an electoral college and popular vote historical crushing landslide. The only thing that will prevent this, is death or successful election rigging against Trump. I say neither will occur and we get four more years of Trump. Having said that, get out and vote and get other Republicans registered and get them out to vote as if your life depends on it. Why? Because it does!

The economy will continue to soar but all this will begin to change after the 2020 victory as Trump begins to escalate his moves against the IRS, the Federal Reserve, Central Bank, Rothschild, IMF elite rigged system; restoring sound money, and a new global economic, trade and monetary system, restoring power to the people. But not without some disruptions of all kinds. Stay informed. Be prepared. Trump, as I wrote about back in 2018, is becoming, and will be, the most loved and admired man alive, gaining continued global support from not only citizens of the word but from Global leaders as well. We are witnessing the destruction of the old guard. God be with us.


Have a look throughout my website where I have over 400 articles, covering the times in which we live and helping to make sense of the madness. Subscribe to my YouTube channel and watch some of my public speeches. Check out the media page on my website for engaging trending subjects that I address all across America. I encourage you to pick up a copy of my current book “Trump and the Resurrection of America” to perhaps validate what you already know, and or to awaken you to the harsh reality that we have been living in a web of deceitful lies for a very long time and that evil today, is showing it’s ugly face. This is all changing now as we go from dark to light. Put on your seat belts it will be a bumpy ride to victory.


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