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What’s Next? I’ll Tell You What’s Next…

What's Next? I'll Tell You What's Next...

It is so welcoming to see so many people all across the world that are truly waking up. Day by day step by step the de-class is dripping out to the public according to plan. The arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell is a major door opener. She will sing like a canary if she does not end up suicided like Epstein. Take note, three major sex abusers and traffickers have now been taken down, Weinstein, Epstein  and Maxwell. I was privy to a peek at the un-redacted Epstein black book and the list provided below by Q on, is the tip of the iceberg. The world is about to learn of the evil and sick acts that have been going on for many years. Welcome to the great awakening.

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What’s Next? I’ll Tell You What’s Next…

Thus far both Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew have not volunteered to cooperate, each having been to the island many times, one would assume they would like to lend a hand to perhaps bring  justice to what seems to be hundreds of minors (mostly girls), between the ages of 14-17 who were trafficked in and abused, some against there will. Unless of course they have something to hide? I’ll give you a second to ponder the notion. I was told by someone that Alan Dershowitz said he was there but he didn’t take his underwear off.

Like I have written and spoken about for some years now, we have all the goods on everyone. The surveillance tapes, videos and photographs of the acts and witnesses will bring them all down. We have it all. Remember they cannot divide and conquer us (well the overwhelming majority of us), when it comes to abusing children. Remember this, pedophilia is the Achilles Heel of the deep state. You think it’s an accident that this Epstein case is moving along? AG Barr told us some time ago, that anyone complicit in the Epstein case should not rest well at night. There are many not resting right now. Watch for illnesses and mysterious deaths and suicides etc.

What’s next? Further exposure. Indictments and arrests. We are still in the exposure phase and justice is coming just around the corner. Then there is the Senate hearings subpoenaing fifty-three individuals concerning the Russia hoax. Let us not forget IGI, IGII and the soon to surface Durham indictments and arrests. Oh yeah, the 160,000 sealed indictments. Yes, it’s all happening. And be sure to watch for President Trump’s October surprise. The pendulum has shifted. Stay the course and trust the plan. WWG1WGA

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