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Why Donald Trump May Never Be President

Donald J. Trump was not supposed to happen. His bold and brash arrival on the scene back in June 2015 seeking office of the Presidency was not on the battle plan of the tightly controlled global agenda. This article is not about whether you think Trump is right for America or if you consider him to be a “braggadocios egomaniac”. This post is about what they may do to prevent the election of Donald Trump and more importantly, why he must be stopped and who the real enemies of freedom and sovereignty are. Read on…

Many of the issues and proposed solutions Trump has raised such as calling out the biased media, exposing the PACS, immigration and building the wall, the Syrian refugee influx, global trade, and ISIS to name but a few, go very much against the grain of the new global order and against the United Nations Agenda 2030. He has attacked and questioned the Iran deal and says it is so bad and so not good for America that he considers it “suspect”. He has also indicated that Hillary Clinton has committed crimes and is not qualified to run for office, is being protected and perhaps belongs in jail. You see so much progress has been made towards the new world order in the past 20 some odd years that a Donald Trump on the scene is a threat and becomes a very much un-wanted distraction.

As mentioned in previous blogs posts they will do whatever it takes to stop the election of Donald J. Trump as President. The “plants” at his rallies and the biased media are really just the tip of the iceberg. Voting fraud, (as any objective intelligent person who has done any research on the matter would know), is yet another tool in determining who is to be elected whether this be dead people voting, gerrymandering, illegal aliens voting en mass or the rigging of the Diebold computer voting technology of which George Soros has an ownership stake in. Oh and according the U.S. Constitution, (that pesky document that just keeps getting in the way), it states that the votes should be cast in private but counted in public. Has anyone ever seen a computer count? There is also a chance there may not even be an election if and when a state of emergency is put in place towards the issuance of a full-blown Martial Law in America from unthinkable false flag events. This of course would suspend the election indefinitely and would be most useful for those pulling the strings.

I covered this in a previous blog post how the elitists and the United Nations are at the final major thrust towards global dominance via global governance; the new world order and a self-funding Donald Trump is upsetting the apple cart in a very big way. He must be stopped and there are a few ways they can do this.

I raised this issue in yet another post, “What does JFK, RFK, MLK, John Lennon, Gandhi and Donald Trump have in common?” You might also add in Princess Diana – they all had a major influence on the masses and were most definitely a threat to the established order. They each challenged the power centers within the structured and controlled establishment. It did not end too well for these men and women. There is a long way to go before November 2016. Hope for the best, plan for the worst.

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