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Will There Be A Debate September 26

I must say that I will be amazed if Hillary Clinton debates Donald Trump this coming Monday September 26th. It’s a suicide mission for her as far as I am concerned as Trump will pulverize Clinton. With all of the recent and obvious on-going issues concerning her physical and mental well being, (never mind the recent use of her body double), her crumbling campaign and lack of true support, the barrage of scandals, Federal investigations and so on, one has to wonder why the powers that be would allow her to have this one on one debate with Donald Trump. I mean after all she has difficulty standing and walking. She can have a seizure at any moment. She has difficulty keeping her eyes placed properly in its sockets. She blanks out mid sentences, needs rest room breaks during long periods of time and her display with the media moron Matt Lauer at the no debate-debate (a test trial to see how she can hold up), showed a very bitter candidate at best. So will there be a debate September 26? And if so why? Why would the ruling elite NWO and the DNC take the risk up against Trump at the debate?

Will There Be A Debate September 26

If they do in fact prop her up for the debate this raises even more questions. The powers that be know of the tremendous liability that Clinton is and has become. We must understand that the ruling elite plan well in advance. They could care less about Hillary now that she has been exposed and is on her death bed. They are ruthless and only seek to reach their stated goals. They always have a Plan B-C-D- etc. So what may be in store? Before we address that, let’s digress just a moment.

You see, Donald Trump was not supposed to still be in the race this far along in the process. They expected Trump to flop relatively early on. Yet in spite of all the relentless orchestrated attacks against Trump, he not only survived (slaying 17 others before him and taking on the entire NWO grid), Donald Trump is the first political outsider in American history to make it to the doorstep in a general election in either major political party breaking many records along the way. He has exposed corruption in politics, in government and in the biased controlled media. He changes and directs the narrative, Trump style. So now that we have Trump (truth be told – well in the lead and weeks away from the White House), the ruling elite will use Hillary Clinton and set her up like a bowling pin if they must.

With Hillary Out Whats Next

We know one thing for certain, they do not want a Trump presidency. We have addressed some possible scenarios before such as replacing Hillary from a list of characters that are on stand-by. There is also the chance they may accelerate Hillary’s declining health resulting in her death. Or perhaps they may keep her drugged up enough and keep her in the race since its the 11th hour (I doubt this will be their option). They have already trial-ballooned the talking points of what do we do if a candidate dies. They have asserted the DHS to over see our elections. Then there are always false flags triggering martial law which triggers election suspension. There is also the possibility, (God for bid) that Trump could be assassinated. When all else fails? Simply rig the election (as they always do) and usher in the next selected puppet for the ruling elite. How can this election theft be detected and perhaps prevented? PollMole-that’s how!

PollMole – Disruptive NexGen Technology

Since PollMole goes beyond the scope of this blog post, I encourage you to visit their website and follow PollMole on FB. Watch for a very soon to be released technology platform that returns the power to the people and perhaps just in the nick of time to ensure election integrity for what I believe is the election for our nations (and civilization’s) survival. The potential death of America is one election away. Soon you can download for free your PollMole app. so that your vote actually counts.

Most Important Book Of 2016

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