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World Will Change In Three Days

The world will change in three days (providing the election results are not contested), the question is in what way? It boggles the mind that just a day or two before the general election that there is an estimated 10% of the voting public who have yet to make up their minds. This post is for you.

Follow The Leader

People wait for the last minute for different reasons. Some people simply want to follow the leader. They like to support the candidate that they think will win. Well don’t let the skewed, small sampling and often times biased polls fool you. Donald Trump is clearly in the lead as witnessed by continuous stadium filling record breaking rallies for the past year and a half all across America as opposed to Hillary doing few rallies and often times to small groups measuring in the hundreds at best, never mind cancelled rallies due to no attendance at all. Then when you compare the statistics on the very important social media you can clearly separate the winner from the loser. So know who the true leader is.

The Monster Vote

New Poll: Over 1/3 of Trump Support from Among New Voters

Political pundits have been amazed at Donald Trump’s ability to attract what is called the “Monster Vote” – a coalition of people who have either never voted before, or who declare themselves to be unaligned with any political party. Traditional straw polling methods typically exclude these voters. In a recent PollMole™ Presidential poll conducted between November 1 – 4 among 2,521 registered voters who stated that they would definitely be voting for President, 2,384 (94%) of the respondents stated that they would be voting for Donald Trump. Despite the skewed results, a distribution analysis of the Trump voters, by stated party affiliation, was surprising. While Mr. Trump’s solid base of support among Republicans and Libertarians scored 60% of the total, the Monster Vote was second at 35%. If voter turnout is high on November 8th, the Monster Vote could end up being the decisive factor in the election.

This analysis and content above is credited to the PollMole Corporation

White House or Jailhouse?

Once again it boggles the mind how a candidate like Hillary Clinton is even allowed to run for office of the Presidency. She should be heading for the jailhouse and not the White House. Hillary Clinton is a pathological liar who is under investigation on multiple fronts such as the e-mail scandal, the Clinton Foundation and so on. It is quite clear that should she make it to White House, her time in office from day one will be consumed with FBI investigations, probable indictments, impeachment hearings and so on. Never mind her very questionable physical and mental health issues. How productive can her Presidency be taking this into consideration? These are dangerous, pivotal and critical times for the survival of our nation and the course for civilization. For a snapshot view of where both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton stand on the key issues read this post titled, “Apathy Nuclear Option” and “Nationalism vs. Globalism” .

World Will Change In Three Days

Regardless of which candidate occupies the White House come inauguration day, it is in my view and irrefutable statement that the world will change. The question is – for the better or for the worse?

Nationalist / Trump

Sovereign nation. Protecting borders, language and culture. A restoration of the once great U.S. Constitutional Republic. We went from a Constitutional Republic (“If you can keep it” – Ben Franklin), to a Democratic System, to an Oligarchy on the verge of complete collapse into a controlled police state via Global Governance. When you look at the policies of Donald Trump you will see that he understands the importance of global trade and global alliances, however with his “America First” approach as outlined so well in his foreign policy speech, you can see that Donald Trump if elected, will strive to return the U.S. back to its roots. Easier said than done but never under estimate what one man can do and Donald Trump has and will continue to have increasing global support in my opinion. Yes he is up against the deeply rooted ruling elites NWO, I get it. But we have a choice, Clinton the Globalists or Trump the Nationalist. No Trump-No Hope.

Globalist / Clinton

One world government. One world justice system. One world military and one world currency. Globalism is the more user friendly term for New World Order since NWO has gotten its rightly deserved bad reputation over the decades. So what is Globalism? Well one definition from Oxford defines Globalism as “The process by which businesses or other organizations develop international influence or start operating on an international scale”. Organizations and treaties such as NAFTA, the United Nations, the WTO, The TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership), Agenda 21, UN Agenda 2030 and scores of others are all part of Globalization. I covered a much more in depth analysis of this in a VI part series of posts. Here is part VI and at the end of each post you can click to the preceding posts on the subject. You see Globalism goes hand in hand with Global Governance which aims to control every single aspect of your life and have each and every one of us more and more dependent upon the government for our very survival. Learn more by reading this post as well as Global Governance By Design. Clinton is a Globalist and her agenda aligns completely with that of the NWO / Globalism agenda. With a Hillary Clinton election there is no turning back. Not for a very, very long time if ever.

So Now What?

When your children and grandchildren ask you – “What were you doing when the global governance and police state were being introduced to America and the world?” What will you answer be? Freedom…It’ up to U.S.! Make the right choice for America on November 8th. And make your vote count! The course of civilization depends on how you cast your vote.

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