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2016 Martial Law According To Plan

2016 Martial Law According to Plan

Will martial law be implemented in the United States? Is martial law now a foregone conclusion in America? Will martial law be implemented in 2016? S.J. res. 29.

Year after year step-by-step as the transformation of America was taking place the tensions have been rising amongst we the people. We have a corrupt and complicit congress (both left and right) passing bills such as NDAA and Patriot Act for example. The suspension of Habeas Corpus. The escalation of the Federal debt to over $19 Trillion. Rising unemployment closer to 24% rather than the government reported statistic. Terror on American soil. According to the FBI there are Islamic training camps  all across America.There is the implementation of increasing free speech zones and gun free zones coupled with an onslaught of executive orders, the American people have had enough and will now fall right into the trap which has been cleverly and carefully designed according to plan, Martial Law 2016.

We will now begin to see in this new year an increasing level of situational uprisings, riots and militia such as seen in the recent racial baited riots and today in Oregon with armed militia seizing a Federal government building protesting the jailing of two ranchers and government control over private property.

We will begin to see this uprising, civil unrest, formed militias, protests, violence etc. now on many fronts from racial issues to immigration and the  “Syrian migrants” to property assault, from terror related issues to free speech and gun control to name but a few. This will occur at different intervals and different locations across America throughout the year. We may see curfews and controls (min-martial law soft launches) like what took place after the Boston Marathon bombing for example. If needed, (and more than likely), we can expect more false flags to be implemented and of course there is the inevitable financial, market and currency collapse. These types of scenarios have already begun and will escalate and will of course create enough chaos and violence to society that a full blown martial law may be implemented which may include a suspension of elections as well. Hegelian Dialectic in full force. Problem-reaction–solution. Thus 2016: Martial law according to plan. Do you get it yet?

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