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5G Prosperity or Apocalypse?

We interrupt the regularly scheduled information dissemination to discuss 5G technology, while we still can. So what is 5G anyway? 5G isn’t about connectivity; it’s about business, politics, control, and warfare. Keep reading and be sure to watch the premier video presentation linked up in this article.

The public is not being told but rather sold. Told? Not being told of the significant dangers that are being presented by many Doctors, Scientists and others all over the world. Sold? We we are being told is that 5G will bring us even faster connectivity and speed from most anywhere while using the internet. 5G has been fast tracked and is going global but not all countries are accepting 5G. Brussels, among a growing list of other countries says NO to 5G. In fact, many are banning and prohibiting 5G technology from being established due to the well documented significant dangers as you will all come to learn about in the near future if you have not yet discovered some of the serious negative impacts of 5G technology on not on the health of individuals, but of all life itself. Since all life matters, it behooves you to learn about 5G technology, prosperity or apocalypse. 5G is propping up all over the nation. You can find out how many 5G towers are in your area simply by going to this link. Go ahead try it, it takes a few seconds. And with 5G, it may take only a split second to get there, (whoop-de-do!). You should also know 5G, like 911 and Muslim related issues are among the top censored subjects on line. This tells you all you need to know.

The following content was excerpted from a presentation that premiered at the Sarasota Patriots for Trump group in Florida June 4, 2019, by keynote speaker and patriot, Paul St. John. This presentation was filmed and you can and should view it right now by clicking in this link.

Harmful Affects of 5G

The levels of EMF (electromagnetic frequencies) emitted by 5G technology are quite dangerous. Could this be why the insurance companies will not insure against these effects? Have a listen to forensic evidence and peer-reviewed studies before congress by Dr. Sharon Goldberg. Learn more about Senate Bill 637.

  1. Since 1997 secondary insurers do not cover health damages from wireless

  2. Lloyds of London denies health coverage damages from wireless devices

  3. Risks from dangers linked to EMF can be classified as an emergent risk – The same category once occupied by asbestos.

  4. General Insurance Exclusions: Electromagnetic fields directly or indirectly arising out of, resulting from or contributed to by electromagnetism, radio waves or noise.

5G As Military Weapons

Like nuclear weapons, 5G is also a mutually assured destruction. The origins of this technology come from the military. It is used in military for crowd control due to its harmful effects. You will see a short military video clip when you watch this video presentation by Paul St. John. Just as there is the nuclear arms race, there is the race to 5G. Huawei. Can you say Huawei? China is well on it’s way as are many other countries throughout the world.

HELP (is on the way)

Truth Passes Through Three Stages:  First it is Ridiculed. Second, it is Violently Opposed. Third, it is Accepted as Self-Evident. In this easy to understand video presentation, Paul St. John not only covers the dangers of 5G but also a solution to put and end to this before it puts and end to us and all innocent life forms as we know it. The organization is called HELP. Humane-Educators-League of Protection. We shall hear more about HELP in the near future. Until then, you can share this article everywhere with everyone and you can learn more by visiting this website.


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