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James Grundvig

Event 201 simulated a deadly new coronavirus emanating out of South America. For the real outbreak, the Architects of the Plandemic needed it to arise in Communist China. That served two purposes. First, it would block any and all investigation into the origin or the virus, allowing China to hide the actual deaths and infections from the outbreak. It also allowed China to unleash the virus out to world, seeding the spores in specific countries through commercial flights out of Wuhan.

Finally, by never sharing the baseline sample of the virus—only revealing its purported genetic code—Communist China deliberately harmed the world, while hiding the true origin of the virus and its bioweapon makeup.

Call this the first Act of War.


The European-Chinese coordinated, three-prong attack to bring down the United States began several years ago with NIH’s Anthony Fauci funding gain-of-function research for the Chinese Communist Party and People Liberation Army’s scientists in Wuhan’s BSL-4 lab. The facility, designed and built by the West, empowered scientists to turn virus reservoirs in bats into bioweapon incubators. Add foreign scientists, such as Harvard’s arrested chemistry chair, Dr. Charles Lieber, who taught nanowire workshops at the Wuhan Lab for a decade, and questions emerge about both the natural origin of the virus and its perfectly timed release to usher in the long planned ‘Great Reset.’

The bat SARS-CoV-2 virus was the first prong to shut down and ultimately bankrupt Western economies, particularly the United States. When the weak virus petered out in late spring, however, the second prong detonated the color revolution to further decimate businesses and sow division among people—an old Communist tactic from the 1917 Lenin playbook. This was followed by “foreign interference” into the U.S. elections.

That was the second Act of War.

The third prong of the plan, the COVID-19 vaccine, is about to be mass distributed to the American people—after receiving unlimited government resources and a blank check under Operation Warp Speed.

Launched in late March, the “Manhattan Project” of medicine rose swiftly on the heels of forming the COVID-19 White House Task Force. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, HHS, began the first of many rounds of hundred-million-dollar allotments in therapeutics and vaccines. By mid-spring, more than one hundred vaccine vendors joined the immunization race. In collaboration with HHS, the CDC, FDA, NIH, and the U.S. Department of Defense, the plan all along was to whittle down the coronavirus vaccines to a dozen best candidates, and then short-list them to three.

Two of the three—Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna—use a new technology called mRNA vaccines, for Messenger RNA, that infiltrate the cells to produce new proteins that, in theory, will trigger an immune response to fight against the virus. By synthetically producing its own proteins, several medical doctors have pointed out that the COVID vaccines are not vaccines at all, but an insertion of genetic engineering.

In that context, the COVID shots are the biggest experiment in medicine in human history. No one knows the true outcome, side effects, and adverse events—short-term or far down the road.

To make matters worse, the jury is out on its effectiveness, despite claims of success. Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla said he was “uncertain” that his firm’s mRNA vaccine would stop the spread of the virus. Really? Then what’s its true purpose?

Other issues emerged that people, with allergies to food and vaccine ingredients, shouldn’t take the COVID-19 mRNA shots. Two NHS workers, who received the shots, blew up with severe allergic reactions. The rollout of the vaccine in the United Kingdom have slowed down, in order to monitor allergic reactions.

Yet, in a strange development in the United States, Warp Speed suddenly slowed down. Its biggest proponent, the U.S. Department of Defense, only purchased 44,000 COVID vaccines from Pfizer, while declining to buy the requisite second dose to be administered weeks apart. Why?

Is the U.S. military now examining the actual contents and ingredients in the Pfizer COVID vaccines? Are they look for nanobio, nanotech, or nanowire in the form of synthetic bots that might bring harm to millions of Americans and deliver the kill shot to thousands?

In early November, the DOD was gung-ho with delivering “life-saving” vaccines. What happened since then and now?

On December 13, a massive data leak of names of two million Communist Chinese members was released, with 123 of their agents working at Pfizer and AstraZeneca. That’s a major red flag, with Communist China committing the first two Acts of War. Is COVID-19 vaccines a third Act of War? If so, then was Warp Speed a sting operation all along?

If the DOD discovers nanotech not submitted or called out during the FDA’s December 10 “Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee Meeting,” then the answer would be affirmative.

At the meeting, two FDA-selected scientists could not answer whether the mRNA vaccine would alter, modify, or reprogram human DNA in fetuses and pregnant women. Same could be said about all people who venture to take the shot.

Undaunted by all of this and other adverse events, from Bell’s palsy to blistering feet from an autoimmune reaction, the global health cartel is still pushing full steam ahead, with NIH Director Francis Collins on Sunday morning talk show spreading with Americans to look past “vaccine skepticism.”

None of this news sounds reassuring.

To know Francis Collins’ role with Anthony Fauci in the soft-tissue cancer epidemic, which exploded in the 1990s, as well as the AIDS/HIV epidemic, ice-cold skepticism is warranted. Drs. Collins and Fauci were both involved in hiding mouse RNA carcinogenic toxins that leaked into the U.S. blood supply through vaccines.

In order to keep that bombshell from reaching the public, the duo gagged and then destroyed the career of Dr. Judy Mikovits, one of their top virologists. Dr. Mikovits, who starred in the first documentaries about COVID-19 outbreak, including “The Origins of the Wuhan Virus” and “Plandemic One,” claimed that as many as 50 million people could die from the COVID vaccines—and not the virus.

If such an event happened, would the Architects of the Plandemic blame the deaths on a new deadly mutation of coronavirus? Very plausible, since the Architects in the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, John Hopkins University, and the World Economic Forum had run the simulation in October 2019 of coronavirus outbreak killing 65 million virtual people.

And NIH’s Collins is pleading with Americans to trust him? That is a stumbling block, since even without Collins and Fauci’s alleged crimes against humanity, medical professionals are speaking up in droves, questioning the science, while teachers and first responders are pushing back against mandated COVID vaccines.

They should. The genetic engineering insertion and replicating nano-factories in human cells clearly is a new medical procedure, not a vaccine, and has not nearly enough data to warrant taking the risk of the jab.

More importantly, did Communist China play a role in the development of the new messaging RNA technology? Whether its synthetic spike proteins, CRISPR inserts, nanobots delivering payloads of proteins, hydrogel, and other vaccine ingredients.

This matters in a crucial way. If Americans think the election was penetrated by Communist China, directly as a ballot supplier and remotely as a hacker in voting machines software, the list of two-million CCP names should concern all defenders of freedom and liberty.

52,000 of those names live and operate in America, likely penetrating all branches of government, the mainstream media, Fortune 500 corporations, and Silicon Valley tech companies. With the names of communist agents working at Pfizer and AstraZeneca, should we blindly trust the COVID vaccines now being thrust upon us as life-saving?

Beyond military labs examining its purity and contents, what do we actually know about the vaccines being readied for distribution?

The best way to look at what we know to date, with the limited information that has been pushed into the public since January, is to view the Big Pharma program under the Seven Deadly Sins.

Conjured by ancient Greek and Roman civilizations, the seven vices are lust, greed, envy, gluttony, wrath, sloth and pride. Applied to Warp Speed, they become the Seven Deadly Sins of the COVID Vaccines.

Sin Number One: Lust. The need for speed to skip research and go straight into vaccine development, bypassing animal testing, shows an intent to harm. Hidden under the FDA’s Emergency Use Authorization, pandemic vaccines become “countermeasures,” a cover for national security response to the outbreak.

Sin Number Two: Greed. Billion-dollar, multinational corporations that makeup vaccine manufacturers, were paid up front to produce the countermeasures, no matter how safe or effective the biologics they produced. Raking in billions of dollars up front, while 60 million Americans lost their jobs and businesses, wasn’t enough. They also needed 100 percent liability-free protection in case their vaccines injure, impair, or kill.

Sin Number Three: Envy. In order to keep the billion-dollar money cascade flowing, Big Pharma needed the captured health agencies to ensure the weak virus remained a problem all year. The PCR-test, which was never designed to be used as a diagnostic tool for infectious diseases, was procured by the CDC back in 2018 and misused for that exact purpose. The new FDA-approved rapid antigen test has also produced a slew of “false positive” cases, including recent tests on Coca-Cola soda and applesauce. The more cases are inflated, the more reasons for lockdowns. No other industry receives such state support.

Sin Number Four: Gluttony. In order to benefit long-term, Big Pharma will rollout more vaccines for obscure, non-deadly diseases. In order to fulfill their vaccine pipeline, they will need to ramp up harvesting of threatened species to procure the unique chemicals they need. That includes the blue blood from horseshoe crabs and squalene for vaccine adjuvants from sharks.

Sin Number Five: Wrath. The fury of the global alliance, from the World Health Organization, United Nations, mainstream media, Big Tech, and Western health agencies laid bare in their attacks on anti-vaccine advocates, censorship of vaccine safety and risk debates, and the devious shell game that hides adverse events from reaching the public.

Sin Number Six: Sloth. With no product liability, or full transparency on all the COVID vaccine ingredients and their side effects, Big Pharma final path of least resistance will be to get all 50 states to mandate COVID inoculations. Big Pharma’s avoidance of conducting true due diligence from vaccine trials, while hiding of ingredients and withholding critical data, and how they interact inside the human cells show the vaccine makers as bearing false witness.

Sin Number Seven: Pride. Like many of the interlocking vices, pride is found in the big marketing push by the health agencies and their Plandemic partners. With the FDA rubber-stamping the approval of the first vaccine candidates from Pfizer and Moderna, despite critical flaws, skewed testing data, and masking ingredients, pride might further expose the breach in public trust.

In concert, the Seven Deadly Sins represent the gateway to transhumanism.

Do people want to have proteins synthetically manufactured inside their cells?

Do people want their DNA altered?

And if altered, like a genetically modified organism in food, would people still be human? Or would they be partially synthetic and thus patentable by the globalist gatekeepers?

With the rush to push out, promote, and mass distribute the COVID vaccines, NIH Director Francis Collins said: “We don't know whether somebody who had the vaccine could still acquire the virus without any symptoms and potentially be contagious to others around them. … It will take us a couple of months to figure that out."

Short on transparency or actionable data, the Seven Deadly Sins of the COVID Vaccines are about to be injected into people around the world. Who would benefit the most?

Do all roads lead back to Communist China?

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