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A Nation Led By Lies, Dies

A Nation Led By Lies, Dies

A Nation Led By Lies, Dies

So where was the media and the vetting process in 2008? Very busy as I recall deflecting our attention to the subject of the first “black president”, the deliberate long planned collapse of the global financial system, the existing disastrous presidency of Bush II and the freak show surrounding Sarah Palin, rather than doing its job of true independent journalism, vetting and reporting on Barack Hussein Obama and so look where we are today. The media has over time destroyed this nation and almost everyone agrees about this media circus yet few still think on their own.

And now, the orchestrated attacks by the collective government media complex (aptly named by Michael Savage) unleash what is just the beginning of a firestorm of assaults against front runner game-changer, (the man that was not supposed to happen), Donald Trump. Why? Trump has single-handedly upset the apple cart of the New World Order’s Agenda and all that this entails. End of story, period. That is not to say that Trump does not come to the political stage without some baggage and imperfections but that is the subject of other blog posts.

And so a Supreme Court justice is found dead, murdered according to this publication. The article goes on to say there was secret evidence that police filed. The body destroyed with no DNA evidence and no autopsy almost overnight. Pillow found over Scalia’s head. Why was he staying next to a brothel? Murdered by a hooker? Scalia’s body injected with poison? Why did Scalia’s Bodyguard disappear? No lawsuit to date has been filed against this publication for publishing this story which should tell you something. There are many unanswered questions surrounding the death of Justice Scalia and the media is silent. A nation led by lies, dies.

Justice Scalia new some of the deepest secrets about the Obama administration. Key Scalia swing vote issues pending before the U.S. Supreme Court such as second amendment issues hang in the balance.. Meanwhile the entire media system is silent. The scandal surrounding Scalia’s death has come and gone quickly and with no issue. What does the U.S. and global media have to say about this? Nothing, not a word. Journalism is dead in America and has been for a very long time. So over time and right before our very eyes, a nation led by lies, dies.

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