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Action And Commitment

Action and Commitment

If not you then who? If not now then when?

We covered in step one “Discovery and the Evolution of Change” and “Motivation through Inspiration” in step two and we find that as we become free critical thinkers and truth seekers and what is really going on behind the scenes, we become agitated then inspired and motivated to do something about it to properly protect ourselves and our families. We work towards ways to survive and thrive in this dangerous and complicated world. The next step in “The Process” is step three “Action and Commitment”.

As civilization itself is being transformed before our very eyes many of us then aspire to go beyond getting our personal house in order so to speak and have a burning desire to re-set the track that mankind is on by lending support to various groups and efforts already successfully in motion on many fronts across the world. This requires both action and on-going commitment. This is how we begin to restore hope towards creating a world of peace rather than a world in pieces.

The wrong thing to do is nothing. I encourage you to ask yourself where in this three-step process are you? Where do you need to begin or focus your attention on most? Which step or steps do you need some help with? Then take action.

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