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American Nightmare Becomes The China Dream

Every picture tells a story. I travel a lot and have spent most of my time in Asia over the past five years. I have driven past this billboard on a major highway in Bangkok. I have also seen similar postings in other locations and at airports in Asia. We used to strive towards creating and living the American dream.Thanks to decades of policies moving America into a one world system, the American dream is now the American nightmare becomes the China dream. As candidate Donald Trump has said China has been taking advantage of us with trade, jobs and currency manipulation for decades and are in fact laughing at us. This is a very important post perhaps more than you realize. Read it. Share it.

American Nightmare Becomes The China Dream

In a very important previous blog post I provided many staggering facts and stats to help us connect the dots on what Donald Trump has been talking about with regards to China. Please do read about this here.

For many years China has been buying and stock piling gold and other natural resources. This is in addition to owning and investing in gold mines in multiple countries as well as oil. The BRICS alliance is strong and China has been preparing to replace (one step at a time) the US dollar as a world reserve currency. In fact, the IMF already approved the RMB to be another world reserve currency for international trade effective October 2016 for SDR (special drawing rights) backing which is the credibility that was needed to provide an extra layer of confidence in the global marketplace.

This means that China can call upon the IMF to access the SDR which really is just a backing of the RMB currency again providing another layer of confidence in the global marketplace. A simple way to perhaps explain this is like this…”the IMF is to the RMB as the Federal Reserve is to the US dollar”. The difference is the US dollar is on life support and the US has a debt that will soon reach $22 trillion with no jobs and horrific trade deficits. We owe China trillions and we simply cannot pay them back. Soon, when all pieces are in place, China may help create the collapse of the US dollar by not allowing the conversion of the gold backed RMB to or from US dollars. You see in this global shift of power, the financial power centers and the gold exchanges may be moving from west to east from weak hands to strong hands from NY and London to China and Singapore. Soon, nobody will want the backed by nothing US dollar fiat currency and will begin to move towards the Chinese RMB. When the USD collapses, we may see the Amero emerge to level the playing field.  In my opinion this is not if but when and the when could be soon this year or perhaps in 2017. All of this if you take a birds eye view past and future, are stepping stones towards a one world digital currency system some years down the line. More on that in another post. Perhaps they will use the US dollar collapse and the market meltdown dollar debacle to prevent elections via state of emergency then martial law.Time will tell. 

No Trump – No Hope

So what to do about all this? Vote Trump and buy gold and silver. I strongly encourage those with assets to read the blog posts under the category title “financial”. FYI, I do not sell gold, silver or investments.

Donald Trump is the only candidate who can possibly reverse all of this. Donald Trump is the only truly independent voice for the people and for the US. Trump is the only candidate who will beat Clinton. And once he gets started on her the polls will show this state by state and he will in my opinion crush her on his way to inauguration day, God willing. This why I support Donald Trump.

Forget politics and parties. We will rebuild or we will perish. The choice is yours. This election cycle should it come to be, is a vote for our posterity. Our strength is in our unity. Choose wisely America. Freedom it’s up to US. Subscribe and receive your free digital pdf copy of my latest book  “Misconceptions and Course Corrections-A Collection of Critical Essays For Our Times”. Congrats! You’ve made it this far you’re and engaged reader. What are your thoughts? Share your comments here on this blog post. I would like to hear from you. Also share this post on your social media accounts.

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