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An Important Question

An Important Question

What will it take to unite us?

What would happen if there were disruptions to the food supply, access to clean water, or catastrophic, natural or man-made disasters. What would happen if the power grid system was knocked-out, or when the economic and currency collapse arrive suddenly at your door step? What would happen when a large scale terror attack reaches the U.S. soil once again? Will this unite us? An important question to ponder is what will it take to unite us.

I believe people are instinctively and inherently good. I will illustrate this now. September 11, 2001: Did anyone in the towers or down on the ground in and around the world trade center think for one moment about not saving a person’s life or not helping a traumatized hurt person because he or she was black or white? Gay or straight? Christian, Jew or Muslim? Pro-gun-anti-gun? Were they thinking “hey wait a minute that person over there is a die hard crazed liberal or a right wing nut or a “Trump supporter” I am not going to help that person”. Did racism ever cross anyone’s mind? I should say not. Why? Because we are instinctively and inherently good. So again I ask, what will it take to unite us?

We are indeed brothers and sisters united in a much bigger cause and purpose and we are interdependent upon one another. My survival is linked to your survival and vice versa. In moments of sudden tragedy, it is instinctive that we help each other; this is one of the better virtues of the human race; this is love; this is brotherhood.

By some measures there are about 2%-3% of the population who are psychotic paranoid sociopaths who are wreaking havoc and making this a prison planet and there is about 20% or more of the global population that is really problematic and messing things up for not only themselves but for anyone who crosses their path. We had better unite and go after the real enemy who is no longer hiding behind the curtain but is actually exposed in broad daylight if you just open your eyes and ears you will see and you will hear. We are a breath away from a major crisis in America. Is that what it takes to unite us?

We don’t need a crisis of magnitude to love each other. Love each other now. If you love freedom and peace we had better unite now go after the real enemy and support various efforts to get us back on track. Our freedom is at stake. Civilization is at a crossroads. What will it take to unite us?

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