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Artists Roles In Society

Artists Roles In Society

I picked this up (1-10 below) off of Facebook and I am not sure of the author to this, but I believe there is truth in this and it is time that the artists direct his or her creativity to improve upon the direction of our culture.

Creative people…

  1. Easily bored

  2. Risk takers

  3. Color outside the lines

  4. Think with their heart

  5. Make lots of mistakes

  6. Hate the rules

  7. Work independently

  8. Change their mind a lot

  9. Have a reputation for eccentricity

  10. Dream big

“New music, sweet music, can lighten us, can brighten the world, can save us.” – Cat Stevens

As I use the word artist here in this blog, I am referring to the creative aspect at the highest levels of the human spirit, musicians, poets, authors, painters, actors, people in the performing arts, etc. These people have the ability to observe, reflect, raise important questions, and inspire through their vision, talents, and creative imagination. The Beatles, Cat Stevens, John Denver, and so many others provided the soundtrack for many generations. I am calling on all artists to rise and heed the call and deliver now in our hour of need for this and future generations because music and film are so powerful as are all of the arts. They reach us on many emotional and intellectual levels and have a profound impact on our feeling world.

I believe the artist plays a huge role in the formation, destruction, and or salvation of a society. The Renaissance period was shaped, to an extent, by the classical music of its time. Then there was WWII. With so many men fighting abroad during World War II, we had the age of boogie-woogie, you know, fun music to get people on the dance floor and to raise the spirit in such a dark and difficult era. The 1960’s were a time of awakening and a voicing and rebelling of the status quo very much spearheaded by music: folk music, rock-n-roll, pop, etc.

Music connects with us on an emotional level and sets the vibrational tone from which we then operate within life. It can be said that perhaps the Beatles were the soundtrack of a generation to illustrate my point. And today, although in my opinion there are some good artists and some good songs, we mostly have violent and very sexual and deviate messages and performances and lots of talentless individuals being funded and propped up by the big machine.

Look around you at the tone level if you will of the society today; it is reflective of the messages and tone level of the music (and film) to a degree. And so it is time once again for the visionary artists to step forward and heal the world and help to influence and inspire the masses back towards decency and love for humankind and Mother Earth. I think of singer songwriters like John Denver as a good example of this. Artists can and do make a difference.

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