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Bio-Consciousness Creating God 2045

“Surviving Global Governance” is a book that I co-authored with Dr. Richard Davis and Kirk Elliott PhD in 2013. The following segment was written by my good friend Dr. Davis. If you would like a free digital copy of this book contact me here. A brief summary of the biography for Dr. Davis can be found here at the closing of the post. Now this from Dr. Richard Davis.

Order Out Of Chaos

Each one of these factors has an impact on us as human beings that populate our planet. It is a slow-kill type of a mechanism that is being utilized. These negative effects that effect our health are bombarding us. But, the common motto between these two groups is chao ab ordum, or “Order out of Chaos.”

Achieving God-Like Status

Their common objective, believe it or not, is to become gods. They want total control over humanity and if you listen to some of their leaders like Raymond Kurzweil who recently became the Director of Engineering at Google. He believes that by 2025 mankind will be eclipsed by machines and they become more intelligent that we are, simply waiting for the emergence of something that they call bio-consciousness. They believe that bio-consciousness will be obtained by 2045. That’s possibly in my lifetime, but certainly in the lifetime of my children and grandchildren and something that all of us should be concerned about.

Because the common means by which they are going to try and achieve this global domination is through dehumanization and the dis- empowerment of the individual they use false flags like 9/11. They use deception, lies, and hide behind secrecy. Look at the NSA scandal that is happening right now. Nothing is private anymore. They are chiming in on everything. They use the power and manipulation to control the world around them. There is a no holds barred attack on our freedoms occurring before our very eyes. Even murder is not out of bounds. Look what happened to Michael Hastings recently. Just open your eyes, read the headlines, heighten your sense of awareness and you will start to perceive and recognize the intimidation, fear, manipulation, corruption, bribery that have infiltrated all levels of government officials.

Imagine if someone was listening to everything you did or said or emailed or texted…anything! They would be able to find dirt on all of us, and if there is no dirt, they can manufacture things and people will believe it. Perception is reality, and it doesn’t take much to destroy someone’s reputation. Nobody is perfect, as we are human. None of us are angels and they will use this information, whether it is real or manufactured to manipulate and control. It doesn’t matter if you are a senator, congressperson, governor, president, or prime minister. Their goal is to control anyone that gets in their way.

Ignorance, poverty, war, disease, and famine. These are the most common of the weapons (we could even call them weapons of mass destruction) that are used against mankind. The common elements today that we can see in every social structure and every society in criminalization of normal acts, which make each one of us a lawbreaker. It has been said that each one of us commits three felonies a day–and we don’t even know it. But ignorance is no excuse when it comes to the law. When laws are passed via executive order, behind closed doors, or administratively through agencies, or through congress passing bills that are thousands of pages long that nobody has ever read, there are laws that we all break everyday that we are unaware of–until it is too late. This will be continued in another post.

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