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Biophysics of Health Wellness Healing Part Four

Biophysics of Health Wellness Healing Part Four

The following was written by my good friend Dr. Richard Davis, MD and is titled The 4th Channel The Biophysics of Health Wellness Healing Part Four. This will be a multiple series post. For additional content on health related issues and “Big Pharma” visit the “health” section under categories. You can begin by reading this IX part series titled “The Things Your Doctor Won’t Tell You“.

The 4 Channels

Our bodies must have electrons. Lots of them. Every mitochondrion in every one of our 75 trillion cells needs them 24/7 to make ATP (adenosine triphosphate), the molecules that we use to power our metabolism. In fact, our bodies produce the equivalent of our entire body weight in ATP every day. That’s quadrillions of chemical reactions every second, of every minute of every day of our life. That’s bazillions of electrons, consumed every second. So with all of these electrons flying around, our bodies use 4 separate redundant systems to make sure that we get them delivered to the right place, at the right time, in the right amount. Too many electrons, we die. Too few electrons, we die. Remember, it’s all about voltage.

Healthy cells operate at a voltage of about -25 millivolts. Making new healthy cells requires more energy (more electrons) so we need about -50 millivolts to carry that out. If our electrons are blocked (no sunlight, no exercise, GMO food, contaminated water, toxic air, etc. can you say “Modern Lifestyle”) our cells begin to power down. As we lose electrons, bad things start to happen. At -10 millivolts we start to get symptoms of various kinds of sicknesses. It just depends on where the electrons are lost and the voltage drops.

If it’s in your bones, you get osteoporosis. If it’s in your joints, you get arthritis. If it’s in your brain, you get dementia. If it’s in your immune system, you get cancer. And so on… You get the idea.

In fact, cancer could be simplistically defined as a state of cellular low energy (low electrons, i.e., low voltage). As proof, every cancer cell operates at a very low electron concentration with a voltage measured at only about +30 millivolts. There are so few electrons available that the mitochondria don’t work properly anymore (we call this mitochondrial dysfunction). Without enough electrons – they stop using oxygen for fuel and use glucose instead. This cuts ATP production by 90%, which makes them get hypoxic and acidotic. Then they switch to become fully anaerobic and all Hell breaks loose. Everything stops working. They don’t have enough energy to go through the normal life cycle, they don’t die when they are supposed to, their DNA breaks down, they switch on bad genes that are not supposed to operate, while switching off the good genes we need to be healthy.

Like I said, without enough electrons all Hell breaks loose. So one of the things that the body does is provide the means to get the electrons that surround us, into us. It uses 4 main channels (electron superhighways) to do this. First, we have the nervous system. Everyone knows about how nerves conduct electrical impulses (electrons) to various places in the body. We measure heartbeats and brain waves all the time. Second, our blood vessels transmit electrons on the surface of our blood cells, as well as within the chemical components carried in the bloodstream itself (fats, proteins, sugars, minerals, etc.). Third, our muscles act like resident batteries and electrical generators. Doctors use EMG machines to measure the health of our muscles. However, the fourth channel system is one that most people have never heard of, even though it is the most powerful and most important of all. This is the network of Biophoton channels that course through our fascia. To be continued.

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