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Biophysics of Health Wellness Healing Part Three

Biophysics of Health Wellness Healing Part Three

The following was written by my good friend Dr. Richard Davis and is titled The 4th Channel The Biophysics of Health Wellness Healing Part Three. This will be a multiple series post. For additional content on health related issues and “Big Pharma” visit the “health” section under categories. You can begin by reading this IX part series titled “The Things Your Doctor Won’t Tell You“.

Energy is Everything

I didn’t say that. Albert Einstein did. So did Nikolas Tesla… And so did the Yogis and Shamans and other great teachers from eons past. They knew energy was the key to health, long before the rest of us. All of us know that without energy – our cellphones won’t work; our cars won’t start, and the planets won’t revolve around the sun. Likewise, our bodies won’t work either. We must have a constant supply of energy for each of our 75 trillion cells to work properly. And we need that flow of energy 24/7 or we get sick.

So what is that energy?

Simply put; it’s electrons. Without debating the Quantum Mechanics of the Duality Theory or the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, it’s easiest to think of electrons like little bundles of negatively charged energy packets that race around atomic nuclei on an oval track at close to the speed of light. More importantly, when electrons move, they create an electrical current that flows between things of dissimilar electrical charge. We call this difference voltage. So in the crudest sense, electrons are voltage and voltage is health, so electrons are health. See… I told you it was simple. Have enough electrons and you’re healthy. Don’t have enough electrons and you’re sick. That’s really all there is to it. Sort of…


So if electrons are so important to our health, then where do we get them? Actually, we get them all the time. Electrons are flowing all around us continuously, whether we are conscious of them or not. The universe is alive with electrons. Black holes, quasars, event horizons, sunlight, magnetic fields, gravity, star light – everything is fueled by electrons. So are we. As Carl Sagan said, we are made from “Star Stuff”, and that stuff is jam packed with electrons. Every high school chemistry and biology class teaches students about mitochondria, the Krebs Cycle, the electron transport chain, oxidative phosphorylation, free radicals, ATP synthesis, and the list goes on and on. God I hated those classes. I think everyone hates those classes. They put you to sleep instantly. Endless equations, dozens of enzymes, memorizing this pathway and that pathway, it’s enough to confuse and frustrate even the best of students. I know. I was one of them.

However, for me – the torture didn’t stop in high school. I ended up studying this same subject over, and over, and over again. In college, in medical school, and many times more since. Every time, it took me deeper and deeper into the subject, but in all this high academia, and weird science, no one ever bothered to connect the dots for me and answer the simple question:

Where do the all these electrons come from in the first place?

The answer is: everywhere. Our bodies get electrons from sunlight. It’s called the photoelectric effect. We get electrons from eating healthy foods, drinking clean water, and metabolizing the air (oxygen) we breathe. We get electrons walking barefoot in the sand (grounding). We get electrons every time we move (muscles are like piezo-electric motors that shower us with electrons with every twitch of every muscle fiber contraction). We get electrons when we laugh. We even get electrons from others. Every kiss, every hand held, every stroke of the hair, every time we pet our dog…

We get electrons all the time… In fact, I’ve never met an electron that I didn’t like. Well, except the time I put my tongue on a 6-volt battery just to see what would happen. Ouch! So if we get all these electrons all the time, and electrons equal health – why do we get sick? Great question my Padawan. The answer is that just because we are being exposed to electrons, it does not mean that we are able to harness them properly.

Think of it like this… Your car does not get its own energy just by driving it into a gas station. Zipping down the freeway requires dozens of steps. Each one is critical to make it run. You have to drill for the oil, transport the oil, refine the oil onto gasoline, transport the gasoline, fill up your tank, pump the gas through the fuel line, run it through the fuel filter, mix it in the carburetor, explode it in the cylinder, and flush it through the exhaust manifold, down the muffler and out the tailpipe. I have left out lots of steps, but you get the idea… It’s complicated. So are we. To be continued…

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