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Biophysics of Health Wellness Healing Part Two

Biophysics of Health Wellness Healing Part Two

The following was written by my good friend Dr. Richard Davis and is titled The 4th Channel The Biophysics of Health Wellness Healing Part Two. This will be a multiple series post. For additional content on health related issues and “Big Pharma” visit the “health” section under categories. You can begin by reading this IX part series titled “The Things Your Doctor Won’t Tell You“.

Biophysics or Biochemistry, or Both?

Unfortunately, due to the overpowering influence of the pharmaceutical industry in modern medical education, most physicians are only trained to understand biology and biochemistry, and have virtually no appreciation for the biophysical sciences. This exclusionary dependence upon biochemistry has eroded and displaced numerous other areas of equally legitimate, and possibly more important paths of scientific inquiry. It has both lulled them into a false sense of security, as well as misguided them to discount other critical bodies of research that I believe are just as necessary to fully comprehend the fundamental nature of health, wellness and healing. In my experience (being an Aerospace Engineer first, then returning to graduate Magna Cum Laude with a BS in Biochemistry, then graduating with honors from medical school), an in-depth knowledge of both biophysics and biochemistry are important. However, my current perspective persuades me to believe that comprehending the biophysics of health, wellness and healing is significantly more foundational than simply relying on an understanding of biochemistry. Mastering both disciplines, is certainly preferred.

Form Follows Function

This was one of the first things I learned in Engineering 101, then again in Medical School. Truer words were never spoken. Like well-designed machines, our bodies are an amazing example of intense bioengineering – they are nothing short of works of sheer genius; of simultaneous irreducible complexity. Everything has its place. Nothing goes to waste. Resilience and redundancy are built in to every system you explore. In fact, most structures serve more than one purpose. And when it comes to energy and energy flow, we are over the top with synergistic systems that run in parallel to ensure that we never run out.

However, if this is the case – how is it that we get sick? To be continued…

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