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Censorship Under Fire


Political correctness was but one step set into motion back in the Bill Clinton days, as a form of censorship. As Charlton Heston once said, political correctness is nothing more than tyranny with manners. Well today, with the advances in technology, the internet and AI, we are experiencing a full fledged onslaught attack on our sacred first amendment right. Yes of course the ramping up of this censorship has increased with the emergence of Donald Trump and even more so now that the 2020 election campaigning is upon us. Trump knew this all along which is why the MSM has been rightly and globally labeled as, FAKE NEWS. It’s funny how the news became the news. Alex Jones of INFOWARS, (like him or not-matters not), was perhaps the first major successful attack against a prominent alternative source for information.

Censorship Beyond Your Wildest Imagination

Google, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Twitter, and Facebook have enormous power and control. You control the information, you control the mind, you control elections, you control the world. The idea that Mark Zuckerberg runs Facebook is a joke. These corporations play a major role as part of the deep state apparatus that I have written about at length. As we know, six major corporations control the majority of media, entertainment and information. These corporations have for all intents and purposes, seized control over the flow and content of information, all working together in unison. These corporations are control centers and a gateway for what information is to be read, seen and heard. And so, it should come to you as no surprise, why there is such a disconnect between say, grandparents and parents with their children and grand children. This, as well as the digital book burning (data dump), along with outright non-stop lies and propaganda being thrust upon the youth through the UN and US indoctrination system, once known as education and history, has led us to a bleak and critically pivotal moment in history. George Orwell was a brilliant visionary and was very much spot on.

Juilan Assange they say has suddenly fallen ill. Bullshit. This is a false flag, fake narrative, in this one man’s opinion. Assange is more than likely being assaulted by electroshock and psychotropic drugs and so on. Talk about censorship! Why? because Assange has the truth and if extradited to the US courts, we will hear these truths under oath. This may never occur now. Time will tell.

The psychopaths and sociopaths, many inbred, many pedophiles, are playing God. The following is an excerpt written by my good friend and fellow patriot, Dr. Richard Davis, R.I.P. “Their common objective, believe it or not, is to become gods. They want total control over humanity and if you listen to some of their leaders like Raymond Kurzweil who recently became the Director of Engineering at Google. He believes that by 2025 mankind will be eclipsed by machines and they become more intelligent that we are, simply waiting for the emergence of something that they call bio-consciousness. They believe that bio-consciousness will be obtained by 2045. That’s possibly in my lifetime, but certainly in the lifetime of my children and grandchildren and something that all of us should be concerned about.” Learn more about this here. Also, an interesting an award winning documentary that I highly recommend to watch from beginning to end is titled Samsara.


Never underestimate what one man can do. Donald Trump has exposed the deep states’ assault on free speech. CNN is crashing. Their stock price is falling. They are losing $10 million dollars annually and are in the middle of terminating an estimated 100-150 people from their payroll. Their free-lancers are waiting up to 90 days to be paid. Furthermore, there are an estimated 7.2 billion people in the world and an estimated 325 million people in America. CNN by some measures, has only an estimated 700,000 + viewers, let that sink in for a moment.

I recently interviewed with Will Johnson of Unite America First live on line and received over 329,000 views! And if you took the airport, hotel and other public viewing monopoly venues that CNN seized control over, and removed this level of viewership, I ask you – who the hell is watching CNN? The food network has more people watching water boil than CNN has listening to their controlled biased, lies and propaganda. Even the NY Times (which is a nightmare and a part of this apparatus itself), according to FOX NEWS, stated that they are cracking down on its own reporters, stopping them from appearing on certain primetime cable news shows seen as being “too partisan,” according to a new report. Vanity Fair published the explosive report, which alleged MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O’Donnell, as well as CNN anchor Don Lemon, made the newspaper’s no-go list. And after all, to be “fair and balanced”, learn more about the real  FOX NEWS. Even the President at a recent rally declared – “What is happening over there at FOX NEWS”. I cover this subject in my public speeches.

Trump on the Offense

The President has tweeted recently telling the American patriots that he is aware of the censorship and is working on it. Facebook is under Federal investigation and may soon pay an estimated $5 billion fine for privacy and other violations. The Facebook story is not over. Meanwhile Google and Twitter have been subject to hearings in part conducted by Ted Cruz. Meanwhile the President has been talking about breaking up these monopolies and revisiting the antitrust laws.

There is a website that was recently launched WH.GOV/TECHBIAS which allows you to report the censorship that you have encountered on various internet and social media platforms. As I filled in the fields and reported the censorship I have received on Facebook, one field states something like it is important that you fill this out in the event we are unable to communicate on current platforms. I find this interesting to say the least.

Then consider this as well. Trump conducts FCC emergency test to our cell phones 2018. April 2019 Trump declares emergency in the event of communications grid getting hit. On May 23, 2019,  I am watching TV. An announcement – “News from White House Trump to declassify”. So,  I turn on Hannity at 9:00 PM EST, who among the “mainstreamers” is well connected. He happens not to be on his show tonight – the night of the de-class release announcement from the WH. FOX NEWS goes black 14 minutes into the broadcast as Dan Bongino sits in for Hannity, show is off the air with black screen, not just my TV, but many others. All other channels were working. I checked in on FB many scores of others had the same black out. These tech giants are under fire now by Trumps’ new and improved DOJ. This is a battle that may go on for quite some time and will become increasingly more challenging and a deeper threat to our first amendment. But in my opinion, especially with the foretasted re-election and landslide of President Trump, it is a battle we will win. These tech giants will be broken apart and competition of all sorts will emerge.




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