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Common Sense Commentator

Once in a great while you will find a voice of reason. A brave common sense commentator who diverges from the scripted agenda and actually says what he thinks on national television. This is one of those people, Dylan Ratigan. Turns out of course he was correct and now the proverbial can that he mentioned has been kicked down the road and that road has arrived. Watch this short video now, I think you will agree. So what is he up to these days? Click here.

The storm clouds are gathering and it is only a matter of time before the great collapse occurs as part of the global shift of power and the financial reset that that is at our door step. Heed the call.

Need a Wealth Coach?

John Michael Chambers has extensive experience having retired from a former career as a successful independent Financial Advisor with over fifteen years experience with seven offices in three states focusing primarily on wealth preservation.  Today, John does not work for any investment, real estate, or insurance companies and does not sell investments, gold, silver, real estate or insurance of any kind. When you secure a consulting program, John is working for you as your Wealth Coach. Truly independent non-biased high valued commentary, discussion and analysis in simple to understand straightforward narrative. See Biography and FAQ for more information about John and his services.

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