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Corona Brucella War Game: Second Wave Scenario

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Corona Brucella War Game: Second Wave Scenario

Corona Brucella War Game: Second Wave Scenario

The following is the transcript from an exclusive special report which premiered on “Making Sense of the Madness” daily broadcast. This is part of an ongoing series of reports researched and submitted by independent investigative journalists and contributors. This report,  “Corona Brucella War Game: Second Wave Scenario”, was submitted by investigative journalist, James Grundvig.

What you are about to view, may be considered to be a disruptive uncomfortable truth. Information that is not typically addressed in the main stream media but we consider the information to be not only timely, but of great importance. Welcome to your life. Welcome to the great awakening. Be sure to share this far and wide. In 2010, the Architects of the Plandemic war-gamed a future pandemic. The Rockefeller Foundation report, “Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development,” presented four what-if scenarios in the future. Rockefeller Foundation.


The first, called Lock Step, profiled a scenario in which, “A world with top-down government control and more authoritarian leadership, with limited innovation and growing citizen pushback” would take command and control of societies during the outbreak. The year—2012. The report’s predicted: “The pandemic also had a deadly effect on economies: international mobility of both people and goods screeched to a halt, debilitating industries like tourism and breaking global supply chains.” How clairvoyant. That is precisely what happened in 2020 with COVID-19. No conspiracy theory, just a cold analysis of how a fragile global economy might collapse in such a scenario. The key takeaway for the globalists wasn’t the number of dead or infected, but the citizens surrendering rights to increased power and control after the pandemic waned.

Why then, as the world strides toward ‘herd immunity,’ is Dr. Anthony Fauci asserting the world is entering a “Pandemic Era?” Why broadcast that dire, invented prediction when no such era has existed in the past? At the start of September, Bill Gates added: “Millions are going to die by the end of 2021.” Robert Redfield’s CDC coined a new term, “Twindemic,” to promote fear when COVID collides with the flu season. Not to be out done, the World Health Organization’s Dr. Tedros declared, “This is not the last pandemic.” How did the Four Horsemen of the Pandemic Apocalypse arrive at a new wave of COVID outbreak ready to surge? There is no data or evidence that supports a second wave is coming. In fact, the opposite is true.

The CDC recalculated its tables and attributed only 6% of the deaths were due to COVID alone—or less than 10,000 deaths in six months. Worse, analysis of the CDC’s misuse of the PCR-Test showed 90% of the “positive cases” were an illusion, due to low viral loads and RNA fragments of the flu and other coronavirus strains. Bottom line: “There is no pandemic.

Corona Brucella War Game: Second Wave Scenario

Questions To Be Answered

If the ominous forecasts made by Fauci, Gates, Tedros, and Redfield stood alone, then one can view it as an aberration. But they are joined on the periphery by states enacting laws to separate families, when children become infected. Ohio’s FEMA Camp order and New York State’s A99 bill are ready to go when the second wave emerges. Why are these stray signals saying the same thing? That there will be a second and harsher wave of coronavirus. It makes no sense. Unless the Plandemic has a Phase Two. With everyone focused on the riots, lootings, and fires, no one is paying attention to Pandemic Era predictive programming with Lockdown 2.0 coming fast. Is there a Trojan horse we are not seeing being gifted to society?

COVID’s Second Wave Scenario

Let’s war-game COVID’s Second Wave Scenario to find out. In order to achieve the Architect’s end goal of a harder lockdown by October to disrupt the presidential election, quarantine hot zone cities, and change the narrative from herd immunity to scary virus, children must succumb to a COVID clone. After nine months of the global pandemic, COVID-19 left children and young people unscathed. Not a scratch. They can’t transmit the virus. That means for the Architects to succeed infecting the children they would have to produce an outbreak that looks and feels like a deadlier version of COVID; that targets the children in a short span of time. Food poisoning fits the bill. Easy to contaminate. Fully transmissible. With kids returning to school consuming spiked frozen foods and dairy products in the cafeteria one can see clusters of sick children popping up across the country. War Game on. The Second Wave Scenario then could look like this…

2015, Dr. Anthony Fauci offshored and sponsored gain-of-function research at Wuhan Bioweapons Lab in China. On food poisoning, the communist regime chose Brucellosis, a foodborne pathogen. With the Brucella bacteria prevalent in Mainland China, the scientists weaponized the ancient animal disease, CRSIPR HIV spike proteins and Bat-SARS traits, while shorten the incubation period from months to days. Knowing that a low viral load of 10 to 100 organisms is all they needed to make scores of people sick, they tried and tested an aerosol spray turning a natural disease into a bioweapon.

Brucellosis Outbreak

In reading a Brucellosis outbreak at a police station cafeteria in Lima, Peru, in 2012, infecting 90 officers, the new bioweapon would be exported to any country in the world, sprayed on food and dairy at the plants, then shipped to a school or grocery market near you. The weaponized Brucellosis, once consumed, would incubate for a few days when the children become sick. With schools, cities, and states focused only on Coronavirus, they would deploy the PCR-Tests and falsely identify that the children had been infected with a new, more virulent mutation of COVID.

Like dominos falling… Schools would close… Stricter lockdowns would be deployed… Cities labeled “hot zones” cut off and quarantined… The infected children separated from their families sent to FEMA Camps. With the mainstream media promoting evermore fear and hysteria, citizens relinquish even more authority to the governments. When the dust settles, the Four Horsemen of the Pandemic Apocalypse tell the world—“We told you so!”

On election day, with Lockdown 2.0 firmly in place, people scared of a real deadly virus this time, few head to the polls—especially in swing states. The mail-in tsunami of ballots rule the day. Speculation? Fantasy? Not when the Rockefeller Foundation war-gamed the pandemic a decade ago, not when the World Bank sold COVID-19 bonds in 2018, not when the WHO’s Global Preparedness Monitoring Board World At Risk report claimed the United Nations would release live “lethal pathogens” through September 2020. Sitting at the table of the Monitoring Board are Architects in Dr. Fauci, the president of the Gates Foundation, and the director-general of China’s CDC. Planning years ahead, with Brucella bacteria mimicking the symptoms of COVID-19, this Scenario would change the outcome of history and steal an election.

Summary of Corona Brucella War Game: Second Wave Scenario

The Deep State and Shadow Government will stop at nothing. We are at a crossroads for humanity. It’s either us-or them. This one is for all the marbles and this story is not yet over. We have an awesome responsibility to expose the lies and crimes and to reveal the truth. Freedom? It’s up to us. This is John Michael Chambers. Thank you for reading this special report and be sure to share it far and wide. And remember, stay the course, trust the plan, heed the call for WWG1WGA. God Bless.

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