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Election Rigging Stealing Election From Who?

Stealing the election from who, Trump or Clinton? We know one thing for sure and that is that the votes and voice are being stolen from the people regardless of which side of the political fence you are on! Besides the illegality of such acts, is the fact that this is un-American and takes away a most important and unique aspect of being an American. So get upset about it as you should and please keep reading on. It matters not if you are a Democrat, Republican, Libertarian or any other affiliation. All of us should be circling the barn and putting and end to voter fraud and election theft and that is what this post is all about. So election rigging stealing election from who? We the people that’s who.

Hillary told the American people that there is evidence that Vladimir Putin is working behind the scenes to help rig the votes in favor of Donald Trump. While Trump has brought voter fraud to the surface throughout the primaries highlighting the fact the Bernie Sanders votes were stolen by the Clinton camp and the Democratic machine as well as votes being stolen from Trump and from Dr. Ben Carson from the Cruz camp and from shenanigans played by the RNC (as in Colorado) for example. And recently Donald Trump announced to the world at the third debate with Clinton that he may not concede should the vote tally on election day be in Hillary’s favor. Then of course there is Wikileaks! Perfect storm in the making with election rigging the fix is in.

Election Rigging Stealing Election From Who?

Answer? The election is being stolen from we the people. Rather than beat a dead horse going on about how the system is rigged as I have written about this before, I encourage you to have a look at the posts on my blog site John Michael Chambers archived under the category titled “PollMole”. These two short video clips may also be helpful in understanding how the system is rigged. One is titled “Skimming” and the other is titled “How Polls Are Rigged”. Very informative. But let’s get to the solution.

PollMole Challenges The Rigged System

PollMole is a free mobile app designed to survey tens of millions of voters on Election Day, making it the largest and most accurate presidential exit poll ever conducted in history. The goal is to collect 20 million votes on November 8th. The sheer size and accuracy of the poll makes undetected election theft impossible. PollMole is available for free at Google Play and the App Store for all Android and Apple Smartphones and tablets. The Mole’s proprietary software registers votes anonymously, then displays the results on mobile devices so users can follow the election results throughout the day as it unfolds live, in real time – right in the palm of their hand. Download the app today and participate in PollMole’s straw polls. The Republicans have flooded the app to take the early lead, so Hillary and other candidate supporters need to catch up.

Download PollMole’s Political Polling App

It’s really very simple. Download the free app today. Cast your anonymous vote each week in the Pollmole straw polls and then the exit polls. You can learn more about Pollmole by visiting Pollmole’s website and following PollMole on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. As Election Day approaches, all Americans from all points of view should want to make sure that our voices are heard and that our votes count. The only way that happens is to ensure that every vote gets counted. Pollmole is the last line of defense for election integrity and its high time we have this. Remember freedom is up to us. Download your free app and cast your vote today.Share this post.

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