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Election Suspension False Flags Trigger Lockdowns

All and any measures to prevent a Trump Presidency are underway. Election Suspension False FlagsTrigger Lockdowns. This is the likely sequence towards either regional or national Martial Law should they exercise this extreme option. It’s been done before. The following information has been taken from the June 2016  McAlvany Intelligence Advisor of which I encourage you to subscribe to.

The establishment has been working hard over the past decade or so to make martial law seem normal and necessary in the United States. A few events that are most responsible for the normalization of (i.e., preparing the public to accept) martial law should be considered: First there was the frightening gun confiscation and private home intrusion seen in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in 2005 after the flooding in New Orleans. Americans witnessed for the first time the real horrors of martial law as militarized police, the National Guard, and FEMA, all operating under Federal orders, bullied ordinary civilians around, forcing them out of their homes and into a FEMA camp set up at public arenas. At the time, no one was used to seeing this here in America, but after a while people mentally adapted and carried on with their business.

Election Suspension False Flags Trigger Lockdowns

Then eight years later on April 15, 2013 we had the staged Boston bombing pressure cooker detonations at the Boston Marathon. On the days following the bombing, the establishment scripted the “chase for the perpetrators,” which they used as the excuse to officially introduce the “lockdown” concept. The Boston bombing was a test case, set up to show America how an “event” can and will be used to lock down (i.e., impose total martial law) a town or a city. As with Katrina, in the Watertown, Massachusetts lockdown we saw illegal and forceful home invasions. Militarized police forced their way into people’s homes and forced them out of their own homes in the name of looking for “terrorists,” who supposedly were responsible for the “attacks.”

No one questioned the authenticity of the attack, in spite of the Craft International mercenaries clearly seen on camera communicating, preparing, and monitoring the scene of the “controlled explosion.” Instead, all the focus soon went to the chase, the lockdown, and the eventual murder of one of the accused men.

Fast forward to November 13, 2015, where we saw a series of bizarre staged shootings that were all attributed to ISIS – even though numerous wit nesses saw three armed special ops-types doing the shooting. And without getting into the details of the Paris attacks, the one important thing that should be noted is that the event was used to “lock down” all of Paris and even other parts of Europe. After the Paris attacks, there was even talk in New York City and other cities in the US about heightened alert and such.

The Paris attacks were the “event” that was used to trigger police activity in other parts of the world. The “lockdown” concept had just grown to the next level. The concept of “lockdown” is now being introduced in India, throughout Europe, and even in Asia. As the concept and “need” for “lockdown” is sold to the general public as the new norm – necessary for “protecting us from terrorists,” is anyone asking, “what is lockdown?” Or, “why it is necessary?” To be explored in the next blog post on Martial Law.

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