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Electoral College Popular Vote

One of the trending topics of the day surrounding this historical and controversial election is the subject of the electoral college popular vote. And of course there is talk about the ability to still try and deny the Presidency to Donald Trump by means of playing with this system. Well good luck with that. Donald Trump’s inauguration cannot come soon enough, God willing.

Electoral College Popular Vote

Enter Barbara Boxer

The Electoral College was established in 1791 in Article Two of the US Constitution to decide how America’s President is chosen. The law has been modified twice since then in both the 12th and 23rd Amendments, and this year’s protests may again lead to another change. Outgoing Senator, Barbara Boxer (Democrat) says she is “introducing a bill to abolish the Electoral College.” Specifically stating that, “The Electoral College is an outdated, undemocratic system that does not reflect our modern society, and it needs to change immediately.” (, Democrat introducing bill to abolish Electoral College, November 15, 2016)

PollMole – Let Your Voice Be Heard

Donald Trump has been elected but make no mistake about it the battle has just begun! Let your voice be heard.

“Our newest poll, begins at midnight on Sunday, and asks whether the Electoral College or the Popular Vote should decide how the President of the United States is elected,” says PollMole’s Founder and CEO, Dr. Richard Davis, MD, Lt. Cmdr. USN Ret. “Although split election results have occurred before, (where one candidate wins the popular vote and the other wins the Electoral College vote), we have never witnessed the kind of civil unrest over this issue as we have seen this year.”

Take Action


The following is taken from PollMole’s press release dated November 21, 2016. Read this press release in its entirety by clicking here.

“It seems that everyone has a strong opinion one way or another about the validity of the Electoral College,” says Davis, “so we aim to conduct the largest nationwide poll of its kind to see how millions of Americans feel about this divisive issue.”

Make Every Opinion Count. Watch the PollMole Results Stream Live, into the Palm of your Hand. Join in the fun and share with your friends, be counted! PollMole’s voting begins at 12:01 AM, Monday, November 21st, runs through Thanksgiving weekend, and ends at 11:59 PM, Sunday, November 27th.

Download your free PollMole app. and cast your weekly vote!

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