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Empowering Inspiring

Get your FREE COPY today of the book “Misconceptions and Course Corrections – A Collection of Critical Essays for Our Times”

“I have known John Chambers since our early days together at the Save America Foundation. John is one of the most relentless, tireless and ruthlessly honest people that I have ever known. He is funny, engaging, street-smart and knows how to think outside the box. He is a dedicated patriot and a visionary. His gifts are numerous, but he remains a humble man of dedicated purpose. Best of all, John knows how to get things done. He doesn’t just sit back and complain or take pot shots at people who are fighting the good fight. He pitches in and helps where he can. I am honored to have known John and count him as a dear friend.”- Richard Davis, M.D., Florida

Misconceptions and Course Corrections will reveal who is behind the chaos and mayhem you see before you all across the globe and what we can and must do now if we are to survive and once again thrive. (The hour is at hand)

Awakening to the truth is not simple or easy. Yet along the pathway of enlightenment you reach a point where you feel empowered and continue on towards the attainment of happiness and liberty operating from a position of power and confidence with a tremendous support system at your side rather than hopeless apathy and a willingness to succumb to bondage in exchange for perceived survival. Trust your instincts. Exercise your free will. You owe this to yourself, to those around you and to future generations.

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” – Socrates

Misconceptions and Course Corrections will help you to…

Create stability, confidence and understanding in a changing, dangerous, complicated and troubled world

Provide access to a high-quality network of information and resources

Move out of comfort zones towards asking questions, inspiring critical thinking, and individualism

Awaken, challenge, and inspire both change and action

A must read for all people at any level of awareness and understanding. This book serves as an easy entry point upon a journey of understanding and empowerment.

My Personal Guarantee

Now you can finally receive non-biased information from a transformational author. No hidden political, religious or financial affiliations, biases or secret agendas.

“Misconceptions and Course Corrections, A Collection of Critical Essays for Our Times” by transformational author John Michael Chambers – 37 chapters. 282 pages. 67,000+ words. 300+ links, resources, and action items. Learn more. Kindle download here for just $10.00 or subscribe for a FREE PDF copy of the book below. You can read the Preface here.

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