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Ethics Justice and the Media

Ethics Justice and the Media

Commentary and analysis by author, activist, John Michael Chambers

When individuals or groups and nations cannot restrain their unlawful, dangerous, or unprofessional behavior, they must be restrained by others. Thus ethics, justice and the media. We see this every day in life and we see this yesterday with the exchange between President Trump and CNN reporter Jim Acosta. Hey Jim… good riddance!

There are so many accomplishments many of which are in fact historical, in the less than two years or Trump’s administration yet due to CNN, MSNBC and the rest of MSM, the news becomes the news rather than the important issues and challenges facing this nation and the world. Trump changed the narrative yesterday.

Enough is Enough

The unprofessional behavior of Jim Acosta has been a long standing issue and I for one am glad the President revoked Acosta’s White House credentials. I encourage you to listen to yet another brilliant and passionate analysis by “the great one”, Mark Levin which I am sure will be available perhaps on YouTube very soon. This action by the President, in my opinion will now set the tone and raise the bar for others who are like Jim Acosta who cannot seem to ask important issues based challenging questions of the President in an ethical and professional manner. Hey MSM- you have been warned. Cry baby Jim Acosta as you may recall, triggered the now famous “CNN sucks” chant when going on air at the Tampa Trump rally of which I was fortunate enough to be at the rally participating in the chant.

Trump and the Resurrection of America

In my most recent book, I stated that these sorts of measures would unfold under the Trump administration along with many other insightful forecasts of events that will unfold in Trump’s America as the shadow government simply cannot control their actions any longer. They are now being exposed and are in fact on the run.

We are winning make no mistake about this. A new day has dawned in America with the passing of the mid-term elections as Trump is now unleashed and has all the goods on all of them. Buckle down, stay safe, pray for the President and witness the most incredible events to begin unfolding. I encourage you to pick up a copy of my book and to have a look at more articles on my website to get a glimpse of what is beginning to unfold now and where it is we may be heading.

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