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Expanding The Martial Law Verbiage

The following was taken from the McAlvany Intelligence Advisor titled Expanding The Martial Law Verbiage. I encourage you to subscribe to this informative monthly advisory report. After 9/11 the word “terrorist” was the buzzword to get everyone worried and fearful enough to bow down to rapidly expanding federal government controls. For years, all you had to say was “terrorist” or “terrorism,” and most Americans would give way to the Federal government’s expansion of people controls. But as the “terrorist” buzzword has lost a lot of its fear-power due to overuse or over familiarity – (just like al Qaeda had to be replaced with ISIS), the control system has had a lot of time to improve their neurolinguistic mind control on the general public, and they’ve added quite a few terms to their mass mind control programming. Important Martial Law update in podcast below.

Expanding The Martial Law Verbiage

To expand their mass mind control, the control system has now linked numerous other phrases to justify government and police behavior. The phrases “active shooter,” “gunman,” “extremist,” and even “manhunt” are now all linked to “lockdown.” Look for these buzzwords with the next shooting event. In fact, regarding the recent “active shooter” reported at the San Diego Naval Medical Center, the press wrote:

“An active shooter and three gunshots were reported at the US Naval Medical Center in San Di- ego, triggering a law enforcement response although there were no reports of deaths or injuries. The US Navy said in a statement, based on initial reports from a witness, that three shots were heard in the basement of a building housing a gym and barracks at the medical center around 8 am PST. First re- sponders and Navy working-dog units were on scene clearing the building where the shots were heard, the statement said, adding that the medical center was on lockdown and a shelter-in-place order had been given.”

A post on the medical center’s Facebook page advised occupants to “run, hide, or fight,” the protocol advised by the US Department of Homeland Security in response to an “active shooter.” The critical thing to observe about this recent story is that gunshots were “heard.” No one knows anything else. Also note that no one died. But despite this minimal amount of activity reported, notice how the situation automatically demands that the entire medical center is on “lockdown.”

Also notice how the Department of Homeland Security was quickly involved. Isn’t it a strange coincidence how the DHS always seems to be in the neighborhood before an “active shooter” or “terrorist” event, and often having “drills” prior to or during these “shooting” events? It is interesting that DHS is mentioned in this story tied to “lock- down” and “active shooter.” One might wonder if any of these events are “false flags” perpetrated to justify “lockdowns” or other draconian police responses.

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