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Facebook's New Emotion Icons

The new Facebook emotion icons are creating concerns about how Facebook may be using these to help determine your political interests and other feelings perhaps just a bit more in depth than just the simple “Like” icon. People seem concerned. Concerned? Consider this.

The only way to escape the onslaught in a completely surveilled society is to live in a very remote village somewhere without any digital technology, cell, WiFi, computer, TV, modern household appliances with spyware, phone etc. and not be a person of interest. Now you can still easily be tracked and targeted via a drone or a satellite and other technology but if you are not a person of concern or a person of interest, I think that remote village as described above should do the trick, or better yet you can leave the planet! Soon, if the agenda moves forward and is completed, all will be chipped then there is nowhere to go unless one leaves the body. Stay tuned.

And now perhaps you can see why although voting is important, that unless the ruling elite who are in fact in control, are stopped, this is where we are and where we are heading. So I would not be sweating over Facebook’s algorithm technology and it’s new icons very much. Having said all that-have a great day!

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