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FOX News And Rupert Murdoch Knew About THE HAMMER and SCORECARD Since 2013

For seven years, FOX News and Rupert Murdoch hid from the American people information the cable news network possessed about cyberwarfare weapons THE HAMMER and


THE HAMMER’s application known as SCORECARD was used in a covert operation to steal

U.S. elections, according to Dennis Montgomery, the CIA contractor-turned-whistelblower who created THE HAMMER and SCORECARD.

FOX News was complicit in the information warfare campaign, a.k.a. psychological warfare

operation, to brainwash Americans into believing that Joe Biden had won the election.

FOX News was also well aware of the existence of THE HAMMER and SCORECARD. As such,

FOX News was complicit, by omission, in hiding the cyberware operation to steal the election.

The cyberwafare attack on the 2020 election by foreign adversaries and domestic traitors was an act of war.

The cyber warfare operations were stealing from the American people the sacred right to vote

and the right to choose their own leaders.

FOX News was in possession of information about THE HAMMER and SCORECARD since


The network’s star reporter Carl Cameron, known by his nickname “Campaign Carl,” interviewed and videotaped Dennis Montgomery in 2013 demonstrating the use of

SCORECARD and HAMMER to steal U.S. elections, according to Montgomery.

Montgomery demonstrated to Cameron how John Brennan and James Clapper, during the 2012 election, easily stole the state of Florida on behalf of Barack Obama.

In 2013, Carl Cameron and a camera operator spent a week videotaping Montgomery as he

demonstrated how THE HAMMER and SCORECARD work.

Montgomery also demonstrated how Brennan and Clapper had easy access to computer

systems inside the various secretary of state offices of individual U.S. states. Brennan and

Clapper had planted administrators inside those secretaries of state offices.

Cameron videotaped Montgomery’s demonstration of SCORECARD and HAMMER in front of

four other individuals. When Montgomery asked Cameron for a copy of the tape and where the tape had gone to, Cameron told Montgomery that the Murdochs had “confiscated it,” according to Montgomery.




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