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Getting Out Of Dark Spaces

Getting Out Of Dark Spaces

All of us, at one time or another, find ourselves in dark spaces, meaning times of extreme loneliness, depression, and being overwhelmed. This could be due to perhaps the death of someone close, betrayal after trust, financial burdens, divorce, and illness or from the pressures of a world gone insane; the list is endless as to the trigger or cause of this. So what to do? The wrong thing to do is nothing; get out of the dark spaces right away!

One simple yet effective thing to do is to take a walk. That’s right, take a walk preferably, if possible, in a natural setting with trees, grass, mountains, along the ocean shoreline, etc., and simply look at the beauty that surrounds you. The concept behind this “taking a walk” is simple-it helps one to extrovert a bit, even if a little. It does help one to lessen the burden as one looks out at things in the physical universe and it helps to reduce or minimize the effect of the introversion. It has been said before, and I know from personal experience, that exercise is also very beneficial, be it an hour at the fitness center, swimming, power walking, or whichever form of exercise you prefer. This may help to an extent to extrovert you to help get you out of this dark space. You see, it’s all in the mind; there is no dark space at all. Now we can’t save everyone; some people have suicidal tendencies or are just so self-destructive they are going to do themselves in regardless of your efforts to help. But we must first do all we can to unburden a friend or someone who is in need. Don’t abandon someone who is suffering.

Getting out of dark spaces? This is where a true friend comes in. It’s okay to confide in a trusted friend and open up your heart to share your burdens. Then at some point we must stop and look at what has triggered this condition, analyze it (all emotions aside), and come up first and foremost with the actual cause of the situation then correct anything that needs to be corrected right away to set things right and straight towards the most optimum survival. Sometimes it may mean no longer associating with someone who may have been the direct cause (I have written essays on this in my book “Loneliness and the Circle of Life” and “Creating the Life you Desire”) and again try to take these walks daily, they are most beneficial. A quick and easy ting to do is apply the attitude of gratitude concept. It can be instantly miraculous.

Spot the cause, correct it, and handle what you can handle. Confide in a friend and remain productive in life, be that your work, projects, running a business, domestic house chores and parenting, or whatever it is that you do. This will move one from effect to cause. And if you ever find yourself in very dark corners of this dark space, please, please, please call a friend and confide immediately before taking severe actions. Suicide is tragic, very tragic, and there is a price to be paid upon its completion. There are too many tragedies that could be prevented simply by making that call to your closest friend in your darkest moment. Someone does care. There is a way out. Whatever your burden is, this friend can begin to help pull you out of that darkness and into the light by listening, communicating, acknowledging, and showering one with love and kindness. Never forget how fragile we are. Remember, the opposite of fear is love. Love is always, always the answer.

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