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Got Assets, Escaping Market Meltdown

Got Assets, Do Not Ignore This Post Three Steps To Escape The Market Meltdown

Got Assets, Escaping Market Meltdown

Got assets? Escaping Market Meltdown. Inaction at this time will be the regret of a lifetime. Question: When will the markets collapse by another 30%-50% or more? Answer: When they are good and ready to do it. All collapses are engineered by design. And in this one man’s opinion that day is coming soon, all indications point to 2016, perhaps 2017 if we are lucky.  It matters not if there are blips of “recoveries” along the way. Ignore this post and all the links provided at your own peril.

Geopolitical turmoil and the threat of WWIII. This with the market moves we are seeing across the globe today from stocks to bonds, oil, gold, currencies and more, have many wondering if this is a healthy correction and perhaps a buying opportunity or is this the beginning of a monumental global market meltdown? The uninformed or eternal flippant optimist would argue that there are market crashes and market booms all throughout history and this one is no different. So it may be a short lived opportunity for you lucky day traders and you lucky currency traders-enough said.

Well I completely disagree that this is just another cyclical market correction and that this is “no different”.  This is different indeed because we have never had a digitally connected global economy before. We have never had a world reserve currency of this magnitude (The U.S. Dollar) heading for a collapse as we take steps towards multiple regional currencies for global trade such as the the Chinese RMB with backing by the IMF and then (ultimately) a one-world currency. Just think of the impact and carnage along the way to this end goal which is closer at hand then you may think.  Not to mention we may be witnessing the beginning steps of WWIII. We never had a world monetary system based upon nothing more than a Ponzi Scheme as all currency is now fiat and there really is nothing out there but debt upon debt. The banks are broke. And furthermore, confidence in global leaders is at an all time historical low.

We have never had a move towards a cashless one world controlled new monetary system. We have never been a few short breaths away from living in the controlling elite’s carefully crafted and methodically designed New World Order. By now I am sure you have watched this by the late Aaron Russo and this by Peter Joseph. If not you should do so right away from beginning to end.

So we are indeed in uncharted waters. Have a look at  but some of the warning signals here. As part of your due diligence you must come to understand the CFR, The Bilderberg Group, The Tri-lateral Commission, Agenda 2030 to name but a few. Understand the cashless society is being implemented and what this means and how this will affect us all. Gather independent resources to stay informed. John Williams, PhD, Gerald Celente (The worlds number one trends forecaster), Mark Faber-Economist, David Icke, Benjamin Fulford, Michael Savage, PhD- Talk show host, best selling author, RT News, Infowars, Peter Schiff, Max Keiser, Natural News, MIA Today, and many, many others. Follow my daily blog posts commentary and analysis and have a look at this link. I can tell you this, most technical and fundamental analysis today is almost worthless and forget about much of what you hear on the majority of mainstream financial news broadcasts and the teleprompted scripted talking points from within the system and biased media mouthpiece commentaries. One brave man nailed it.

One must realize the magnitude of what is really taking place by stepping out of the controlled matrix and seeing who are pulling the strings and what the end goal is. Hard to get all that across in this fast paced world in a short blog post. So visit my blogs daily and have a look around at my archives by categories. Straight talk, common sense for the common man. But I assure you, if you read this post and read and view in its entirety the links provided here then do some more research on your own as you should, you will realize the significant dangers you are facing. Inaction at this time will be the regret of a lifetime. Then and only then can you act accordingly or its “sheep to the slaughterhouse”. Here are the three steps to potentially escape the market meltdown.

Escaping The Market Meltdown

  1. Become a truth seeker and think for yourself. Do your home work and realize there is an imminent threat facing you today that will impact the rest of the days of your life.

  2.  Extraordinary times require extraordinary action. GOTS – Get Out Of The System! Think in terms of paper to tangible ratios. Just because you are allocated into many asset classes does not mean you are diversified at all. Most all paper assets and currencies will crash. Paper is paper. You want less diversification into the right asset classes. Opposite of what the broker is advising. Are you still taking a brokers advice? Closely held real assets. Eliminate debt. Remain liquid. Think hard assets such as gold, silver, agricultural land and real estate.Precious metals will remain volatile and manipulated still, but will serve in the long haul as an insurance policy and will rise when these occurrences mentioned in this post accelerate.

  3. Internationalize. Multiple passports. Dual citizenship. This means perhaps in banking, land, business, storage facilities for your gold and silver etc.

Obviously each case is different but the fundamental viewpoint and strategy remain the same. The devil is in the details. My advice is don’t get caught. Don’t be the proverbial “deer in the headlights”. Are you in denial still?  Realist, pessimist or optimist? Which are you? When your children and grandchildren ask you “Daddy / Mommy what were you doing when the New World Order was being ushered in?” What will your answer be? Inaction or wrong action at this time will be the regret of a lifetime. The good news is knowledge is power and applied knowledge is wisdom. Get busy surviving and thriving or get busy contracting and dying. Stop listening to those who are biased who are not actually sitting at the same side of the table as you are. Surround yourself with like minded people who understand the times. Gather your team, take action and be the CEO of your life. The choice is yours. Read “What Happens When Money Dies”. Tic-tock, tic-tock.

Need A Wealth Coach?

John Michael Chambers has extensive experience having retired from a former career as a successful independent Financial Advisor with over fifteen years experience with seven offices in three states focusing primarily on wealth preservation.  Today, John does not work for any investment, real estate, or insurance companies and does not sell investments, gold, silver, real estate or insurance of any kind. When you secure a consulting program, John is working for you as your Wealth Coach. Truly independent non-biased high valued commentary, discussion and analysis in simple to understand straightforward narrative. See Biography and FAQ for more information about John and his services.

Where are you at in The Process? If you would like a private consultation click here. I would be happy to talk with you. Subscribe to my blog site and receive a FREE COPY of my book “Misconceptions and Course Corrections – A Collection of Critical Essays for Our Times”.

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