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Guns, Elitists And Jihadists

Guns, Elitists and Jihadists

Guns, Elitists And Jihadists

Guns, Elitists And Jihadists. The gun violence, radical Islamic terrorism and other events of sorts that we see happening on a day to day basis will continue and escalate. Now don’t shoot me I am only the messenger. Grand scale unthinkable acts are on the horizon that will tower previous events. I wish I were wrong. So why will the violence and chaos continue? Because the elitists are working around the clock funding and using the Jihadists to create chaos bringing America to the brink so they may implement the final stages towards global governance, a one world government and a new world order. The United States has been dismantled and decimated going back to former Presidents Bill Clinton to President George W. Bush right up through and especially under President Barack Hussein Obama. Watch for gun banning efforts to ramp up in the U.S. and in my opinion we can expect civil unrest and martial law to follow. Tic-tock-load and lock.

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