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Helping Trump Electronic Affidavit

Without question this is the most important election of our time. This election will determine whether or not America will remain a sovereign nation governed by the rule of law, a government of the people, by the people and for the people, our once revered Constitutional Republic or will the long sought after goal of a sovereign-less police state engulfed and swallowed up in the New World Order be achieved. This agenda strips us from our God given rights, controls every aspect of our lives and drives the last nail in the coffin of freedom. Awaken now the choice is yours.

Can U.S. elections be stolen? Yes! All signs indicate this election is rigged in Hillary’s favor. In the event that this election is stolen from Donald J. Trump (the people’s President), you must be prepared to act. There is something you can do to help in the event of a contested election. Helping Trump electronic affidavit restores the power to the people.

Helping Trump Electronic Affidavit

Want to help Donald Trump in the event the victory goes to Clinton and Trump does not concede?

Detecting voter fraud the way the system is rigged is nearly impossible and forget about chad counting. Fortunately, a solution exists for this daunting undertaking – the Electronic Affidavit. Such affidavits have precedence in every court in the United States, including the Supreme Court. No agreed upon codified standard exists among the 50 states.

The only alternative would be PollMole; a purpose-built system that could handle tens of millions of votes and display them interactively so that the American people can witness the process as intended by our Founding Fathers where the votes are to be cast in private yet counted in public thus doing away with the “secret vote count”.

Call To Action

You see with say 50 million electronic affidavits, we may not only gain standing in the courts but we will over throw the skewed bias media talking points. 50 million qualifying electronic affidavits is a far cry from a handful of red shirt exit pollers or counting chads. With PollMole, we the people can make history. Wont you join us?

  1. It’s really very simple. Understand that election rigging is real and that the fix is in. You can do this by reading through the various links within this blog post

  2. Become familiar with PollMole by viewing these pages, FAQ and Media. Then download your free app today and cast your exit poll vote after November 8th

  3. Share this blog post with everyone you know and all over social media

  4. Got questions? Contact me directly or contact PollMole.

Think About This

When your children and grandchildren ask you – “What were you doing when the global governance and police state were being introduced to America and the world?” What will you answer be? Freedom…It’ up to U.S.! Make the right choice for America on November 8th. Be prepared for a possible contest. And make your vote count! The course of civilization depends on how you cast your vote.

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