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Hope On The Horizon

Hope on the Horizon

Civilization as we know it is about to change. The time for change is now. Ignorance, arrogance, and denial need to be overcome, or a price will be paid. This is your wake-up call! A shift in awareness and action for a better life and a better world. “We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if mankind is to survive” – Albert Einstein

We live in an age where deception and betrayal are the standard modus operandi. A raised understanding is needed to the realization that a major paradigm shift is under way and that we have been living in a web of deceitful lies designed to entrap us and move us away from truth as we march blindly like useless idiots down the road to serfdom. We are entering the next stage of what may be a prolonged period of time in human history that will make the dark ages look like a picnic in the park. Many will turn a blind eye and deaf ear. What can you do? What will you do for yourself, for posterity? Challenging and controversial; this is your wake-up call!

I believe that leaders from many walks of life will emerge amongst us (this is beginning to happen at the time of this writing) and with the awakening of the masses beginning to take place, coupled with this new leadership on the horizon we have a chance, this is our calling. It is not an accident that you are here.

What we are talking about here is the awareness of masses of individuals in the human race and the universe itself that is awakening, and this is taking place and rather rapidly, but sadly against alternative destructive forces that have had a head start. We are rapidly heading towards perishing, and a full course correction is needed. With this mass awakening within the human spirit-taking place, there is hope. My heart longs for leaders who stand for freedom to come forth to help bring out the best and the truth of the human spirit that we may live in love and peace together on this beautiful amazing planet, our Mother Earth. The Golden Age is coming.

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Subscribe here and I will send you a complimentary copy of my 2015 bookMisconceptions and Course Corrections – A Collection of Critical Essays for Our Times”. This eye opening book may be a great tool to pass along to others in the effort to shift the pendulum from division to unity against the real merchants of chaos. For more information on this book click here.

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