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Igniting the Flames of Unity in Patriotism

This July 4, 2019, President Donald J. Trump ignited the flames of unity in patriotism at the Lincoln Memorial touching the hearts and minds of millions of Americans and freedom loving people all over the world. God bless you Mr. President. God bless America.

Line in the Sand

And for those of you who hate America, and you know who you are, and so do we, you can carry the label of hatred for the greatest country this world has ever known. Go ahead and carry that label. We know who you are and where you are. Your days are numbered and needless to say, you are on the wrong side of history. And for those of you who are in my circle of life, it matters not to me if you are within the inner bands or the outer bands, you spew hatred of this country, disrespect for the office of the presidency, and further the obstruction of truth and justice, you will be out of my circle in an instant and you will suffer the consequences of your blind ignorance.

I have drawn a line in the sand. You have been forewarned. After all, we are at war. The opposing party to President Trump, is not reflective of America. Not in any way shape or form. You support them, in my view, you are in fact supporting the enemy. I for one will not stand for this. For those of you who simply disagree with the politics of President Trump and this global movement, that is fine, we are patient, understanding and a tolerant people. But hatred, disrespect for our country, treasonous acts, violence, obstruction and the like, we will no longer tolerate.  We are at war. A war that you are losing and will lose in the end. Furthermore, President Trump delivered a very powerful message with the US military tribute, to the deep state, that the military is with him. Remember the de-class will expose all and the military tribunals will escalate after 2020. Be ready.

And lastly, many of the issues of the day go far beyond politics alone. It’s a tragedy that you can no longer decipher right from wrong. Shame on you. How unbecoming. You shall be damned to hell. I suggest you awaken from your hypnotic controlled stupor and get with the program before its is too late. You have been warned.

Hail to the Chief

Thank you President Trump for your courage, competence, leadership and loyalty to America and to the oath that you to took to protect her from enemies both foreign and domestic. Thank you to the brave American patriots of our times for this is America’s second revolution. We are America. And once again, freedom, it’s up to us. Stay the course. Trust the plan and know that we are winning with the ultimate victory on the horizon. These are my thoughts on this July 4, 2019. Happy fourth of July!


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