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Love Is Cool, Choose Love

Love is Cool, Choose Love

Alone as I am at times, I feel the deep and powerful presence of life and love; we are energy, and God is energy. The universe we are a part of is energy, and at its purest, highest vibration you will find love. We are all individuals, yet we are one, one with love. Be nice to people, why? Just because, that is why, and lo and behold it is the right thing to do. And remember – Karma.

Love is a universal solvent. It dissolves the discord that often times we find in our universe. One could say that the universe of love is a solvent of discord. Love conquers all. When we operate in and with the power and feeling of love, we make better decisions. You see, our feeling world, when operating from and with love, is harmonized and thus we feel better and we attract better people and more optimum situations in our life. So naturally, the decisions we make, the actions we take, and the visions, dreams, and intentions we have when operating with and from love are positive and pro- survival. This is covered in a chapter of my book Misconceptions and Course Corrections in the chapters titled “Creating the Life You Desire”, “Love” and “Karma”.

If you see someone who is having a tough time in life, smother him or her with kindness and love; it is miraculous. You don’t need a degree from some useless university – harness the power, it’s all yours for the taking. It will heal even if just for the moment. You can raise the emotional state of a suffering individual simply by smothering him her or with love. Boy, I wish Hollywood and the mainstream media would create a global slogan such as “Love is Cool, Choose Love.” It’s not so important who you love what matters most is that you love.

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