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Magic Night

Magic Night

On this star filled night, I dream of you and your love, so tender your hearts golden light. Translucent eyes look into my soul and on this night our love unfolds. Dream on I’m floating through space, illuminating life, divine grace. On this magic night, I am one with you, flying so high, universe sublime. Protected by love endless loves all enfolding flame.

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I have written well over 50 songs over the years but have not written anything since around the years 2001- 2002. I do write in many genres, pop, acoustic, rock, country, new age instrumental, love songs, ballads, spiritual, political and more. I produced videos for the following songs which were all written between 1999-2002, you can watch this one called “Save America”. The following songs /videos can be found right here on my YouTube channel, they are – “We Are America”, “Fight For What’s Right” and “New World Order (America Shall Be Free)”.

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