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Mainstream Media Brain Dead Followers Election Theft Is Real

You can lead the horse to the water but you can’t make him drink. Michael Savage once said that liberalism is a mental disorder perhaps he was right? I mean facts are facts but this is hard for some to digest and certainly with the MSM and all of its tentacles along with the entrainment we we are exposed to 24/7, I guess it’s no surprise that people cannot discern truth from lies, facts from fiction. And remember a nation led by lies dies. All I can do is shout out…WTF up!

The songwriter performer “Sting” formerly with the band “The Police” said it best in a song during the cold war and nuclear threat titled “Russians” where the lyrics said “I hope the Russians love their children too”. Well I hope the MSM and the extreme liberal left and all in between love their children too as civilization is at a crossroads and they all need to know – Mainstream Media Brain Dead Followers Election Theft Is Real.

Mainstream Media Brain Dead Followers Election Theft Is Real

“The people who cast the votes don’t decide an election, the people who count the votes do.” – Joseph Stalin Think about it, private for profit companies (Edison Research for example) tell us about our election results outcome. Are you hearing me? Are you following me? Are you with me so far?

All of the MSM and now as recently observed even some of the alternative media will never get into the crux of the voter fraud and election theft matter. Sure they might touch on the dead voters, the voter who has voted more than once and so on, but pre-programmed computers with AI? You wont hear that on MSM. The blackout and gag order is in full force and Americans are once again hoodwinked and a laughing stock to the world. Discussing computerized election fraud is off limits.

The United States actually has the worst voting system in the developed world. Even Harvard University ranked the U.S. dead last place in the developed world. Former President Jimmy Carter said in 2006 in a NPR interview that the elections in the U.S. are so poor that we don’t even rise to the minimal level where the Carter Center would bother to monitor them.

What Can Be Done?

The Founding Fathers stated the votes are to be cast in private and counted in public. The following suggestions made by NYU Professor Mark Crispin Miller (see short and powerful video).

. Eliminate private companies with vested biased interests in the counting and reporting of votes

. Return to hand counted paper ballots

. Get rid of computerized voting

. Automatic registration to vote on their birthdays

Election day should be a national holiday

PollMole’s Affidavits

Right now all we have in place for the election at hand is the rigged, corrupt system. The ONLY thing that stands between the chance for free and fair elections at this stage of the game is in fact PollMole. Learn about PollMole’s affidavits and revolutionary political polling technology by reading this post. And this link as well. PollMole moving forward will change everything. Learn more.

Call To Action

  1. It’s really very simple. Understand that election rigging is real and that the fix is in. You can do this by reading through the various links within this blog post

  2. Become familiar with PollMole by viewing these pages, FAQ and Media. Then download your free app today and cast your exit poll vote on or after November 8th

  3. Share this blog post with everyone you know and all over social media

  4. Got questions? Contact me directly or contact PollMole.

Think About This

When your children and grandchildren ask you – “What were you doing when the global governance and police state were being introduced to America and the world?” What will you answer be? Freedom…It’ up to U.S.! Make the right choice for America on November 8th. Be prepared for a possible contest. And make your vote count! The course of civilization depends on how you cast your vote.

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