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Martial Law And The Illusion Of The Lockdown

I am doing a series of informative posts on the subject of Martial Law. Measures to prevent a Trump Presidency are underway. Martial Law And The Illusion Of The Lockdown is one post in this series. This post will provide additional data on the lockdown language and what it really means.The following information has been taken from the June 2016  McAlvany Intelligence Advisor of which I encourage you to subscribe to.

Martial Law And The Illusion Of The Lockdown

The reality is that the entire concept of lockdown is a lie, an illusion. It’s another step in the psychological “programming” of the general public, and here’s why.

  1. “Lockdown” is based on the delusion that we are all living in one big stadium or locker room that needs to be purged one locker at a time for there to be true justice or for the government to keep you “safe.” Of course, thinking that it’s the government’s job to keep you safe is another delusion in itself.

  2. The “lockdown” delusion makes everyone think that if the police can barge into anyone’s home at will, then they will have the tools they need to catch the bad guys.

  3. The “lockdown” delusion is based on the assumption that police are chasing the correct suspect. The lockdowns are based strictly on government and mass media-controlled, unchecked “evidence” – in other words, propaganda

  4. The “lockdown” delusion is based on the idea that a lockdown actually works, when in fact there are no historical examples where a lockdown was the direct tool that allowed police to catch a criminal. Criminals have been caught since the beginning of time without the concept of lockdown. In fact, in today’s world of high technology and government surveillance, it is now easier than ever to get caught by police. More than ever, it is getting very difficult for criminals to hide from the control system. Therefore, more than at any point in history, the concept of lockdown is not needed. It only serves as a tool to anger law-abiding citizens, trash the Constitution, and empower a tyrannical government. It is a steppingstone to much more widespread martial law.

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