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Martial Law Conclusion And Democracy Spring

This post will cover martial law conclusion and Democracy Spring. This is the 12th post relating to martial law and all links have been provided within. The following was taken from the McAlvany Intelligence Advisor. I encourage you to subscribe to this informative monthly advisory report. There is an important link to check out at the bottom of this post titled Democracy Spring.

Martial Law Conclusion And Democracy Spring

It should be remembered that the global socialist Establishment, using government pronouncements and complete control of the media, is conditioning the public to accept with no opposition any and all police state/lockdown/martial law measures they launch in the name of “stopping the terrorists” and “protecting us.” A friend recently entered the US from abroad through the Miami airport, where all returning Americans were detained by Homeland Security for questioning, repeated scans, the equivalent of lie detector tests, etc., for three hours. Get used to it – it’s what happens in a police state. The travelers were told that it was “for their own protection.”

We should not be fooled by the psychological tactics and clever word games being used by our controllers. It’s all part of the psychological preparation being imposed on the masses to prepare them for new and expanding government controls. The bottom line is that “lockdown” is just another buzzword for martial law, and “lockdowns” don’t work except for those trying to impose police state controls. Beware of buzzwords or phrases (i.e., “its for your own protection”) that justify expanding government people controls or martial law, or make them seem normal. Americans need to be aware of how they are being programmed to gradually accept total control and martial law, and be prepared for that eventuality. Would Obama do such a thing? Would the Clintons do such a thing? Did they do Ruby Ridge, Waco, Oklahoma City? Think about it! (End of McAlvany Intelligence Advisor).

Possible Scenarios

Could a series of false flags be unleashed leading to martial law? Is it possible that an event that makes September 11, 2001 look like a picnic in the park happen very soon on American soil, perhaps nuclear or biological? Would martial law be used to suspend elections leaving BHO in complete control to continue the transformation of America under UN / NWO control thus ending Presidents in the U.S. as we know this to be? Or is it possible that after Trump is eliminated the pathway for Hillary is paved straight to the White House whereby Clinton will take us to the same end game as BHO but perhaps a little more slowly? The fact is, if you explore all the links within this post and the links within each, you will find that martial law is a possibility. Let’s hope and pray not. And now check out this important video and post on Democracy Spring. We are indeed infiltrated and at war with Washington as the enemy within.

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