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Media Matters Fighting To Destroy Trump

Democracy Matters a Strategic Plan for America. This is a blueprint. It is also sub-titled “Media Matters for America”. Well actually there are other blueprints such as the UN’s Agenda 21 and UN Agenda 2030 along with many others. This document titled “Democracy Matters a Strategic Plan for America” lays out specifically what their agenda is to render Trump in-effective and ultimately removed from office. Media matters for America – Media matters fighting to destroy Trump, is a well funded, well organized blueprint which is being implemented on a daily basis on multiple fronts disrupting every move that is made by President Trump and has already proven to be causing delays, chaos and division in America. Read excerpts from this evil document below. This once “confidential” 49 page document by David Brock spells it out. It is evident they are succeeding in their attempts as we watch this play out on the evening news.

Media Matters Fighting To Destroy Trump

This 49 page document spells out their battle plan. This well thought out plan of attack begins in its opening sections titled “We Will Fight Everyday”. It goes on to say …”We are going to fight for things in which we believe, and we are going to fight against any attempt to erode the cornerstone work and values of the progressive movement and this pluralistic nation.” The document continues its assault against President Trump and this movement by saying “We are going to resist the normalization of Donald Trump, his every conflict of interest, his every bit of cronyism, his every move towards authoritarianism, his every subversion of our democratic systems and principles, his every radical departure from foreign and domestic policy norms.” They conclude their opening statement by saying “We are going to contest every effort, at every level of government, to limit rights, rescind protections, entrench inequality, redistribute wealth upwards, or in any other way fundamentally undermine the tenets of egalitarianism that must serve as the bedrock for our democracy.”

The Battle Begins

Trump and the Resurrection of America is underway and so the battle begins. We must not rest on our laurels. We must realize that the enemies of President Donald Trump have their fingers on every trigger and still via the shadow government have control over the systems that are presently in place. Besides tying up Trump and his resources in court with over 50 lawsuits to date and more on the way their multi pronged approach and virtually limitless funding will not let up.

The second American revolution is a battle that is now being fought on many fronts and will continue for many years to come. Some battles will be won, others will be lost. The challenges we all face are enormous but the scales are tipping. This is our time; we have a chance. The time for action is now. You are nothing more than an accomplice should you stand by idly as the culture and planet declines rapidly into a very, very unpleasant condition. They will begin to come after Trump with a vengeance. They will do all they can to divide and conquer this movement – then all will be lost. Know the enemy. Stay the course.

Some consider Trump’s efforts a “peaceful counter revolution” or an “overthrow of the new order” when actually all that is taking place is a man who is trying to restore the Constitutional Republic and re-build a once great nation in this new and dangerous world. We have this chance in this brief breath and moment in history to reset mankind out from the darkness and back into the light as Trump leads us in America’s second revolution.

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